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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Zvuki Mu - Zero minus one
Yesterday you gave yourself to me And now you think I owe you Yesterday you gave it to me And you uthink I can forgive you for last night. CHORUS Do you know what it means All your surrender? Zero minus on
Zapa - Zapa
Zapa,zapacesti,zapacesti povestile Zapa,zapacesti personajele Zapa,zapacesti,zapacesti povestile Zapa,zapacesti personajele 1)Tu ne spui c-a fost odata Capra cu trei purcelusi Care construiau casu
Zebrahead - Wasted
Gotta get up. Gotta open my eyes. I'm swimmin through this haze. It's been around me for days. Don't wanna come down, but you were always around. And everyone's so strange, there's nothing that the
Zebrahead - Waste Of Mind
Let down, but I'm ready for another round bear all the times that I miss and hit the ground Time is the key and it's holding I won't get burned cause regret is scolding So I find that this is just a wa
Zebrahead - Walk Away
Here I come around the bend again Don't want to battle cause you know that I'll win again Check it, battle scars earned and worn with pride These words are where my soul resides And never did I ever fi
Zgarie Nori - Visul
Noaptea nu-i geam fumuriu am aflat intr-un tarziu ca ce visezi devine viu M-am aflat intr-un tarziu zambind cald unui lambriu N-am aflat vreun dusman in tavan doar umbrele ce-mi sar prin geam Doar si tu
Zebrahead - Type A
Shut up I'm not like you Back off Don't smother me Fuck this I see through you Suffer me through Shut up I'm not like you (x3) Suffer me through Type a Fly away Don't lie I won't let you
Zavodnicu Ana Maria - tu ai plecat
REFREN: Departe ai plecat, Lumina nu mai e pe cer, Doar nori negri au ramas Pe ceru' albastru nchis... Tu ai plecat departe, Si nu te ai mai intors, TE astept de mult timp AICI, sA reviiiii
Zebrahead - Time
Kick it Microphone check one, two got to run Cause everything's money and son I got none so I got to put my time in rhyme in With my crew kicking down tracks and climbing Coming at you flowing sideway
Zero 7 - This World
No Text
Zebrahead - The Setup
Lie to me Tell me that everything will be all right (Who-o-a)Lie to me Don't say it didn't mean anything 1-2-3 GO! I should have known when my kicks Crossed the hinge on your door That you had
Zebrahead - The Real Me
I know a girl who welcomes the world I think though the world is spoiled And she holds on to me She holds my head up so that I can breathe And I've found that when I'm on the ground She's the only one
Zebrahead - The Hell That Is My Life
I. I look but never touch. She says I drink too much. I only think about myself, sex, and the couch. You. You light up my whole day. Whenever you're away. I'd love to say I've got you figured out.
Zmelkoow - Tako zaspan
Jaz sem tako zaspan ... bolj zaspan kot moker vulkan bolj zaspan kot mrzel katran C'e bi me pekli na raz'nju se mi ne bi dalo dret c'e bi me slac'li iz koz'e se mi ne bi dalo umret c'e bi padel z aviona ne
Zebrahead - Subtract You
Another day. Another clean break. Another cigarette and I think I'm gonna be okay. Some other way. Some other mistake. Some reason saying that you're never gonna stay. You are the plug and I am the


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