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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Yolanda Adams - Yeah
Verse: Can I be committed is the question in my head all the issues in my life keep holdin' me back can I live up to the standard seems so hard to do but then you tell me take my hand you'll help me
Youth Brigade - Who Can You Believe In
it seems that life is a system a duality at best a choice of taking this or that yet there's more than east or west don't limit yourself despite what you've been taught it's so hard to decide what's right
Yolanda Adams - Wherever You Are
Wherever you are, I wanna be It's never to far, it don't matter Just take me there Music There's never a place to far Too far for me to go Cause I always feel at home with you I'll cover the unive
Youth Brigade - Where Are We Going
driveing down the highway, just the other day we carried on so long then i realized we'd lost our way so we start to argue about so many things who was to blame we were going insane when i hear these voice
Ying Yang Twins - Whats Happnin! Feat Trick Daddy
[Intro] (Airplane taking off in background) Miiiaaammmmiiii... (echo) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Youth Brigade - What Will The Revolution Change
look back on ages past will it ever change we make the mistakes again and again yet the problems still remain so what's the solution, what is the cause things are confused and nobody knows start a revoluti
Youth Brigade - What Price Happiness
what price happiness, a price you can't afford still we purue this feeling as though it were the greatest reward they say that love's the only way to find true happiness so why do we keep fighting for al l
Youth Brigade - What Are You Fighting For
you say you fight for feedom you say you fight for peace the army's there when we nee'em for our security i say you fight to kill i say you fight from hate you fight because your stupid seek glory in this
Yolanda Be Cool - We no speak americano (feat Dcup)
Comme te po` Comme te po` Comme te po` capì chi te vò bene Si tu le parle ‘mmiezzo Americano? Quando se fa lammor sotto `a luna Come te vene `capa e di: “ I love you !? “ fa fa l’americano ! fa
Yellowcard - Way Away
I think I'm breaking out I'm going to leave you now Theres nothing for me here, it's all the same And even though I know That everything might go Go downhill from here, I'm not afraid Way away away f
Yellowcard - View From Heaven
i'm just so tired wont you sing me to sleep and fly through my dreams so i can hitch a ride with you tonight and get away from this place have a new name and face i just aint the same without you in
Yankee Grey - Untamed
We've done the porch swing love so long I can't remember my name Back and forth nice and slow 'till we get real close and you still want to wait I'm not sayin that it's a big waste of time It's been gre
Ying Yang Twins - Twurkulator
Get on the floor and do the Twurlulator. (it's time) I'm givin' you 5 seconds to get your big booty ass on the floor and do that brand new dance that Ying Yang came back with. Twurk somethin come here!
Yellowcard - Twenty Three
I got to tell you that he waited all his life For someone like you to come make the wrong things right I know he didn't have the answers all the time But you can't tell me that you've never told a lie
Yolandita Monge - Tu tu tu
Igual que golondrinas en un cable enamoradas del telefono igual que en plena media noche se conectan dos ciudades...tu y yo. En vez de tantas cartas es mejor una llamada Es inutil, no me quedan ni mone


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