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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Wham! - Young Guns (Go For It!)
Hey sucker (What the hell's got into you?) Hey sucker (Now there's nothing you can do) Well I hadn't seen your face around town awhile, So I greeted you, with a knowing smile, When I saw that girl up
Wyclef Jean - You Say Keep It Gangsta
Featuring Butch Cassidy, Big Jack, Sharissa [B] Wyclef, Butch Cassidy, Sharissa [W] What up [S] Unnnnnh! [B] From the West Indies to the West Coast [W] Callabo [B] You say keep it gangsta [Cho
Westlife - You Make Me Feel
I've been trying to reach you 'Cause I got something to say But you're talking about nothing at all And you're slipping away We were crying together It was a long time ago Before you walk out the doo
Weird Al Yankovic - You Make Me
You make me wanna slam my head against the wall You make me do the limbo You make me wanna buy a slurpee at the mall You make me watch the Gong Show There's really something kinda strange about you, ba
Wild Orchid - You Knew
Everytime I call you baby You never really have the time I think about you day and night Your always on my mind When you get a minute baby think of lil ol me Yeah baby you can call me up and ill be
Who - You Better You Bet
I call you on the telephone my voice too rough with cigarettes. I sometimes thing I should just go home but I'm dealing with a memory That never forgets I love to hear you say my name especially when yo
Will Young - You And I
(Peden/Johnson/Johnson) Cut to the chase, your pretty face Search outer space, leaving no trace Making love in the heavens above Flying so high, you and I You and I, You and I Chorus Can't get
Who - You
You - you're wasting my time We're making music we're doing fine Then a slap in the face takes me back to the starting line You - your wasting my life You can't lose what you've already lost Your arms
Weird Al Yankovic - Yoda
I met him in a swamp down in Dagoba Where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda S O D A, soda I saw the little runt sitting there on a log I asked him his name and in a raspy voice he sa
Wyclef Jean - Yele
*Tropical music playing in background* Wyclef (echo): Yo, yo, I wanna give a shout-out to the world. This is Wyclef, cold-chillin' out here with my pina-colada. Yeah, baby. I'm in the islands, co
Wyclef Jean - Year Of The Dragon
Intro: (sirens) Yo yes yes yo. Lock your door. Die die die (x6) Wyclef: I remember comin' from Hati growin' up in Brooklyn On Flat Bush got my first sneakers tooken Learn the game quick so I got my fi
Westlife - Written In The Stars
Stay with me don't fall asleep too soon the angels can wait for a moment come real close forget the world outside tonight we're alone it's finally you and i oooohhh... it was meant to be like this
Warlock - Wrathchild
Just beyond the neonlights Where the city is full of rats It's a neverending fight Between good 'n' evil You must be strong Or you will die You've got the guts And got the power To break out - So
Wild Orchid - World Without You
Days and nights and nights and days, In silent shades of lazy grays. I call your name. It's all the same. Sitting, staring at the ceiling, dripping painted pictures peeling, from my walls, the time j
Westlife - World Of Our Own
You make me feel funny When you come around Yeah that's what I found out honey What am I doing without you You make me feel happy When I leave you behind It plays on my mind now honey What am


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