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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Vanessa Williams - You Gotta Go
I never know why why we can't see eye to eye and like a fool I believed we would find a way to survive I wish we could be more than just a memory cuz we loved, we laughed, we cried and there's no goo
Vanilla Ice - Yo Vanilla! Kick It One Time, Boy!
Yo, Vanilla, kick it one time, boy! Yo, VIP, let's kick it! Ice Ice Baby Ice Ice Baby All right stop Collaborate and listen Ice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tight
Vanessa Williams - Work To Do
I can't wait to get home to you, I got so much work to do, work I'm taking care of business baby can't you see I gotta make it for you, and I gotta make it for me sometimes it might seem boy I'm neglec
Velvet Empire - Wild Horses
Childhood living, Is easy to do. The things you wanted, I bought them for you. Graceless lady. You know who I am. You know I wonŠŐ░ let you. Slide through my hands. [Chorus:] Wild, wild horses, C
Vlad Gherman - Wicked game
The world was on fire and no one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do i never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you
Vanilla Ice - White Trash
Ice Quote From Cape Fear I aint no white trash piece of shit I better than you all I can out think you I can out learn you And I can out philosopherphy you
Vanessa Williams - Where Do We Go From Here
Life can be strange, somethings we forget or rearrange in time, lose the past Tell me the truth, tell me how can I know that this new love of ours, that its gonna last I need your strength and I feel y
Vanessa Paradis - When I Say
I Know you've got some pain to share Like anybody else around Each one of us a cross to bare And then some day you may drown Will run away do all you've got to do Within you sacrifices For your sou
Vanessa Williams - Whatever Happens
Whatever happens we left some love along the way but it ain't reserved we'll think of some words of love to say and we'll smile oh and be happy anyway and we'll kiss before we say goodnight And whate
Vanessa Williams - What Will I Tell My Heart
I'll try to explain to friends, dear the reason we two are apart I know what to tell our friends, dear but what can I tell my heart It's easy to say to strangers that we played the game from the start
Vanessa Williams - What Child Is This
What Child is This? What child is this, who, laid to rest On Mary's lap, is sleeping? Whom angels greet with anthems sweet, While shepherds watch are keeping? This, this is Christ the King, Whom she
Vandals - What About Me
Now the birds in the trees are deformed and diseased And the leaves on the trees are wilting on the branch
Velvet Empire - Wha, Wha, What
I was hangin? at the club when, I saw you roll in, thinkin?how I can. Make my intro, little duction, And that├Ž┼á┬» when I decided to stick around and bump it. I was schemin? I was ooh, Thinkin?how I c
We were all uprooted The earth was stolen from beneath our feet We became a Diaspora An unnamed nation of bastards We channeled our roots to the pulse of light deep within the galaxies of our mind Ou
Vengaboys - We Like To Party
We like to party We like, we like to party We like to party We like, we like to party We like to party We like, we like to party We like to party I've got something to tell ya I've got news


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