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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Pocket Change - Your Song
I see a place, I see a face, I'm in my own world and that's where I'm staying. I feel at peace. Something so powerful, cleansing my entire. And when I hear your song it makes me feel at ease. (Chorus:
Pretty Maids - Your Mind Is Where The Money Is
Look at yourself life in extreme you're a symbol of wealth and luxury fashionable clothes champagne on ice that your definition of paradise You'd sell your soul for glamour and trade your heart for
Paul Kantner - Your Mind Has Left Your Body
Lyrics & Music: Paul Kantner You have left your body be aware if you care Your mind has left your body and for this one moment you are Under the polar ice cap in a place we call home How is it ther
Prodigy - Your Love
Give me a number one, give me a number two Give me a number one, give me a number two Your love, give me a number one, give me a number two Your love, give me a number one, give me a number two You
Pretty Ricky - Your body
Yes sir Yes sir Yes sir Yes sir [Chorus] I got new shoes on the ride (yes sir) Rollin' down 95 (yes sir) And you can see in my eyes (yes sir) That I'm lookin for a cutiepie (yes sir) And we ain'
Perry Como - Young Love
( Young love! . . . Young love! . . . Young love! . . . Young love! . . . ) They say for every boy an' girl, There's just one love in this whole world, And I know I found mine, The heavenly t
Pretty Maids - Young Blood
Daddy's girl, she works the night away Through tears and pain, she makes it day by day Once her heart was weak It was aching for more She was more than complete Admired and adored It wouldn't die out
Perry Como - Young At Heart
< instrumental verse > Fairy tales can come true, It can happen to you, If you're young at heart! ( Young at heart! ) For it's hard you will find To be narrow of mind, If you're y
Patsy Cline - You Were Only Fooling
YOU WERE ONLY FOOLING (While I Was Falling In Love) Words by Billy Faber and Fred Meadows Music by Larry Fotine YOU WERE ONLY FOOLING, WHILE I WAS FALLING IN LOVE, IT扴 A STORY AS OLD AS ADAM A
Phil Collins - You Touch My Heart
Somehow you reach in and you touch my heart Somehow you reach in, you touch my soul When I look at you, I see everything we could be Eyes wide open, looking at me What can I offer you that you've never
Patsy Cline - You Took Him Off My Hands
Written by Harlan Howard, Wynn Stewart and Skeets McDonald (As recorded by Patsy Cline, February 7, 1963) Ray Price performed You Took Her Off My Hands (1) You took him off my hands When you steppe
Pale Saints - You Tear The World In Two
tear the world in two and choose a half but(?) look inside you you are what you are i've seen it through and you will too i can tell that you feel these things too ??? and teach yourself to walk
Pillar - You Should Know
Say it ain't so joe here we go so Writing words that'll flow drop another verse til I'm old Hit 'em with a fat groove make 'em jump back Ain't givin' in 'cause we cut 'em no slack 'Cause the reason
P.J. Harvey - You Said Something
On a rooftop in Brooklyn At one in the morning Watching the lights flash In Manhattan I see five bridges The Empire State Building And you said something That I've never forgotten We lean against r
Pam Tillis - You Put The Lonely On Me
(Leslie Winn Satcher) A baseball glove in the second grade put this little scar on my chin And at 31 they put glasses on me when I couldn't tell an h from an n I bounced back from all of that Nothin's


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