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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Oi Polloi - Your Beer Is Shit And Your Money Stinks
Capitalist wanker - neat idea Increase profits, sell more beer Company announce music sponsorship Just a cheap ad for their fuckin' shit Tennents Live - parasites Tennents Live - Fuck you You can't b
Outfield - Young Love
J. Spinks Young Love - bigger than anything You're waitin' for a girl to ring Talkin' bout young love And I don't want anyone else to call your name And I don't think anyone else could feel the s
Olivia Newton John - You Were Great, How Was I
(J. Farrar/T. Snow) I'll never learn I cling to the past I find so much there to lean on But when I get lucky I can even forget Our now and forevers are gone I know what you mean I go there myself
Oi Polloi - You CoughThey Profit
You cough - they profit Well i thought it was about mutual respect But your filthy smoke chokes me so am i incorrect? With your pathetic sick habit you pollute my air Have you no respect for others? N
O Town - You bring me under
Oooh... My mind is suffocating By your deep sigh The scent of you has got me So blind, why, why can't I be with you Full time 'cause You bring me under Your lips, your eyes You're scared You wa
Olive - You Are Nothing
Verse 1 You allude to everything negative there was Making out that's all we had Couldn't you believe that there would be an end to it All the good could be that bad Bridge There is just one thing to
Ocean Colour Scene - You Are Amazing
You are amazing It's the truth And it's often fading Without you I don't feel the wind blow I don't feel the hard rock I don't feel it when it breaks your heart I don't feel it all get To far from
Oblivion Dust - You
Yeah Doro darake no T.V. screen Kimi no utsutteru [shi-n] Naze ka kodoku ni kanjiru You Kimi ga tsukuriageta Uso darake no sekai wa Totemo suteki da yo ne (I linger... I linger...) Don't wann
Operation Ivy - Yelling In My Ear
Never had a reason for the attack It's impulsive and insane When I wanna talk sense to you It's like spitting back at rain I've come to know that when i first saw you I should have ran away I've kick
Olivia Newton John - Xanadu
(Jeff Lynne) A place where nobody dared to go The love that we came to know They call it Xanadu (It takes your breath and it'll leave you blind) And now, open your eyes and see What we have made is r
Oomph! - Wunschkind
Schone neue welt - schone heile welt schone neue welt - schone reine welt wunschkind schone neue welt - schone heile welt schone neue welt - schone kleine welt wunschkind leg mir nie wieder dein schw
Over It - Wrongway
wrong way on a one way, street lights luminate this night. When we抮e here side by side, Each moment breathes new life. So get right, all that you like. Cause I know we share more than smiles, An
Oblivion Dust - Wrong Decision
Can't control It's in my sores Purity fades from out of my pores I want all my love back I want all I've done back Head in hands... Head in hands... Head in hands... Head in hands... (Sucking
Omnium Gatherum - Writhen
To get out of smell of mould, to get back on your feet again - let every god have his day - and again the leather is black as i lie on fragments of glass, more broke than ever - no more ti amo - trying
Overkill - Wrecking Crew
Ain't no job too big or small, Just one sweep of the wreckin' ball. Put 'em up, we'll knock 'em down, Or knock 'em up, then leave town. Demolition of the mind. Desolation, left behind. Light the fuse


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