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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Gary Numan - You Walk In My Soul
When my eyes first saw you A vision My heart missed a beat And I cried I knew then I loved you And I do Now you are my reason for living And now You walk in my soul You dance in my heart You draw
Gary Moore - You Upset Me Baby
(B.B. King/Joe Josea) That's right! Yes, she's 36 bust, 28 in the waist, 44 on the hip. She's got some crazy legs. It upsets me baby. Ooh, upsets me baby, Yeah, I'm tellin' you she's so f
Gavin Friday and The Man Seezer - You Take Away The Sun
You take away the sun for me. Every time you walk away from me. You take away ... I'm alone ... Come Home ... You've taken everything from me. There's nothing left, can't you see. I'm alone ... There was a
George Strait - You still get to me
I feel the same way that I always have. You still get to me, like you used to do. I can?t complain dear you make my life complete. After all this time honey it?s still true. I want to thank you ove
Gerry Rafferty - You Put Something Better Inside Of Me
You put something better Inside of me You put something better Inside of me I could look out the windows Or stare at the wall But really it didn't matter No I just didn't care at all Could be sitti
Garth Brooks - You Move Me
This is how it seems to me Life is only therapy Real expensive and no guarantees So I lie here on the couch With my heart hanging out Frozen solid with fear, Like a rock in the ground (chorus)
Godhead - You Mean Nothing
I can't breathe when you're with me, I can't even think. I swallow every promise you can never keep. Now that I see you for what it is that you are. I know there's nothing that you can do anymore. Don
George Strait - You look so good in love
Oh how you sparkle and oh how you shine the blush on your cheeks is more than the wine and he must do something that I didn't do whatever he's doing it looks good on you
Green Day - You lied
You gotta problem you just can't hide Compulsive habits thet never seem to die Your breath has taken up all the air Your teeth are rottingTo blak holes in your head Well reality is due What you say ju
Goo Goo Dolls - You know what i mean
It's been a long, dark, lonely hall Between the cracks, I can read the scrawl It's written down in a crooked rhyme You sold me out before my time, you know But since then I been back down to the end
Glenn Hughes - You kill me
In my brain it's understood You killed my soul like I knew you would You hit me with your velvet touch My sacrifice was all too much Why did you have to walk away On sacred ground yesterday Fill my
George Harrison - You
(one, two, one, two, three, four) I, I love, love And I, and I love you Oh you, you, yeah you And you, you, love, love And you, yes you, you love me Yeah you, you, yeah you And when I'm holdi
Gabriela Spanic - Yoo no soy de nadie
YO NO SOY DE NADIE Yo sueño con tener alguien que me entienda que sepa valorar mi entrega y no, ya no quiero ser la misma de ayer Hoy voy a cambiar mis reglas y Yo no voy a vivir buscando a q
Great Big Sea - Yarmouth town
In Yarmouth town there lived a man He had a little tavern by the strand And the landlord had a daughter fair Pretty little thing with golden hair
Global Kryner - Y as
You know the girl who came from Cuba He loves her music and her songs She came and she saw Austrians dance quite slow Then she connects with inspiration She changed the rhythm of her song So now, h


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