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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Dana - Zbor
Am visat sa zbor... Refren: Am visat sa zbor...degeaba mi-au zis ca e doar un vis E atat de usor...cred in tine, zbor.. I: Ma intreb mereu ce simt Si nu mai am puterea sa ma mint Nu vreau sa m
dollystar - your love
Your love Chorous: Your loveeee makes me a prey aaaaaa your your looove Day after day This day i want To see those moves I can do it better than you If you want back your shoes Ahaiaia olal
Damone - Your Girlfriends
run to the back go and hide i will keep you from breaking this heart of mine after the wash take them home keep their feet out of my ground so i come alone on my time your always there and you know
Dimension Zero - Your Darkest Hour
Forever sombre is the heart of every evening swallowed In ruins are the pieces that you laid in hallowed harmony These veins are filled with ice which sleeps within the hollow Your darkness is not waiti
Divine Lust - Your Cruel Thirst
[Chorus] Angels fall from incatation driven down by sad frustration here where your mouth will never reach your cruel thirst on me unleashed Try to avoid tomorrow's grass 'cause yesterday still burns
Defiance - Your Country Is Shit
how the fuck can you have pride in a country how empty,ignorant and blind do you gotta be when you fly your filthy fucking flag your saluting n empty,wortless,useless farce yur saluting racism from t
Doug Supernaw - You Still Got Me
Writers: Doug Supernaw/Kenny King I just called to say hello, I hope everything's alright Me, I'm doin' fine, but I still can't sleep at night I finally had a good day just last week At least the best
Dead Or Alive - You spin me round
Yeah I, I got to know your name Well and I, could trace your private number baby All I know is that to me You look like you're lots of fun Open up your lovin' arms I want some Well I...I set my sight
Dream Theatre - You not me
Being round you is driving me crazy Watching you run is making me lazy You’re trying to buy a place in my head Telling me lines I’ve already read Speaking my name to try to confuse me Say
Doug Supernaw - You Never Even Call Me By My Name
Writer: Steve Goodman It was all I could do to keep from cryin' Sometimes it seemed so useless to remain But you don't have to call me darlin' darlin' You never even call me by my name. You don't have
Drown - You Never
Tried to tell you there was something wrong But you never listened anyway All of this is such a waste The tears have tore lines into my face Hours spent to find some common ground Well who is hurting
Depeche Mode - You move me
My joy The air that I breathe My joy In god I believe My joy You move me My joy The blood in my veins My joy Flows in your name My joy You move me I'm not a mountain, no You move me
Doors - You make me real
I really want you, really do Really need ya baby, God knows I do 'Cause I'm not real enough without you Oh, what can I do? You make me real You make me feel like lovers feel You make me throw a
Don Philip - You Make Me Love You More
George Teren/J.P.Pennington CHORUS:You make me love you Night after night Don't know what you do But you sure do it right There's nothing mistaking,oh What my love is for You make me love you All I
Dr. Dooom - You Live At Home With Your Mom
[Dr. Dooom] Yeah.. New York City! Dr. Dooom Pebblestone I took the Batmobile out last night Went to Tony Rhome's.. and I seen.. exaggeration {you were perpetratin, you was fake} Chorus: repeat 4X


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