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Cele mai bune versuri ale celor mai tari melodii din muzica romaneasca si cea straina. In partea de sus ai optiunea de cautare versuri si artisti , iar in partea stanga poti alege muzica artistului preferat si apoi versurile preferate.


Bloodhound Gang - Your Only Friends Are Make Believe
Yea well I sing like an amputee though Why? Cause can't hold a note can't carry a tune Knock knock Mr. Rogers it's Mr. McFeelie I've brought you a letter speedy delivery Well Mr. McFeelie if ther
Bosson - Your one in a million (revised version)
Your one in a million Oh Now Your one in a million Oh Sometimes love can hit you everyday Soemtimes you can fall for everyone you see But only one can really make me stay A sign From the sky Sa
Boy George - Your Love Is What I Am
Your Love Is What I Am Lyrics You scare me sometimes Cause you take my breath away Our love is measured By the foolish games we play Don't talk of romance When there's blood upon your hands You can
Burden Brothers - Your Fault
Your Fault Lyrics This is all your fault, she said Your troubles and your tears This is all your fault, and you and me all ends right here Did I let you down? Did I let you walk away? Everything we
Boney M - Young, Free And Single
Radio Speaker: (NOT on album version) Welcome to the radio show: Young, Free And Single! We got a good show lined up for you, let's have our first caller: Hey, Jane's my name and love's my game, I just
Bad Company - Young Blood
I saw her standing on the corner A yellow ribbon in her hair I couldn't keep myself from callin' Look a there, look a there, look a there, look a there Young blood, young blood, young blood I can't ge
Billy Squier - YOUNG AT HEART
So you're out to change the world You can do it none too fast You don't want to see your future Wash away into the past Now a change is gonna come... Say it's written on the streets But there's a mon
Bracket - YouMe
You/Me Lyrics You - distant and free Me - feeling lonely When will I realize? That you're not satisfied For now we'll say goodbye I'll have to get over it now You - heavy handed Me - empty handed
Burnt By The Sun - You Will Move
You Will Move Lyrics Maybe I should just kill you now. When we turn our backs on our consciousness we put more than ourselves at risk. I could kill you. I could burn your eyes and hop the next train so
Binocular - You Were The One
it's friday night and i can just talk for hours and hours 'till I wake up and wonder where the time went when you were the one i loved you were the one i loved you were the one i loved i loved no
Bonnie Raitt - You Told Me Baby
1. ' told me baby, You were just too tired to try, There was nothing left for you to give and no more tears to cry. I know she hurt you, but you know I've been hurt too. You just come to me, we'll s
Bee Gees - You stepped into my life
You stepped into my life And I'm oh, so happy. You stepped into my life And I'm oh, so happy. You stepped into my life, Stepped into my life Stepped into my life And I'm oh, so happy. You stepped into m
Brian Mcknight - You should be mine
*featuring Mase
Billie Myers - You Send Me Flying
I don't want to make a habit of this But seeing you is like getting a fix Every time I kid myself, I'll never do it again Definition of love on a cliff A lemming has no alternative I want to die in yo
Barry White - You see the trouble with me
I'm like a blind man who lost his way I can't see nothin' I'm like a deaf man who can't relate And I can't hear nothing. See the trouble with me I can't do nothin' without my baby And it's plain as c


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