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Termenul Cautat: what a feeling
Cautari Asemanatoare: everitime we touch i get this feeling, david guetta-gotta feeling, black eyed pies i gotta a feeling, Feeling Inside , what a feeling,

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1. Nerf Herder - Feeling Bad
Met a girl at the movies She was so beautiful She was the one for me So I asked her if I could call her at home She said No thanks just give me my popcorn So I followed her into the theater And found
2. The Avalanches - A Different Feeling
Down on me, down on me, down on me ... Time is in your... If I find you again ...
3. Irene Cara - What a feeling
First when there's nothing but a slow glowing dream that your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind. All alone I have cried silent tears full of pride in a world made of steel, made of stone.
4. Baby Bash - Feeling me
[Chorus: Russell Lee] She's in love with a hustla She don't be messing with them suckas Looking so good, little tight jeans on and G-string on And I know that she be feeling me
5. Jan Wayne - More Than Feeling
More than a feeling! More than a feeling, More than my heart could reason, More than a feeling, Out of the blue it was such a surprise, More than a feeling, Life found a brand new meaning, More than
6. Boston - More Than A Feeling
More Than a Feeling Lyrics I looked out this morning and the sun was gone Turned on some music to start my day I lost myself in a familiar song I closed my eyes and I slipped away It's more than a f
7. MLTR - Hit by a feeling
I've been looking for an angle For a shortcut to your mind There's no point for us to wrangle So baby here's the bottom line (Here it goes) I know you never left me when you ran away 'Cause I can te
8. Tanita Tikaram - Feeling is gone
Don't take me back I just hate that When you tell me lies I just can't help To work it through this time Oh, I believe In really nothing new And I be true for you And you'd be true to me And we wo
9. Jude - She Gets The Feeling
Take a look around, baby Tell me what you see 'Cause what you see is what you found What you found is what you need and Life is hard There's a feeling on the Boulevard Everybody's got to play a final
10. Faith No More - Got That Feeling
Got that feeling Luck is just a little of it Got that feeling I can't stop winning A to Z Look what you're missing, as we speak Your number's rising, take a peak There's just enough to go around Get
11. Armoury Show - A Feeling
We enjoy the day We are soon to be Step aside we're coming through Step aside we call to you A feeling They came openly They are here to stay And I feel like a lion Alive in a grave I've got to do
12. Journey - FEELING THAT WAY
Opened my eyes to a new kind of way All the good times that you saved Are you feeling, You feeling that way too Or am I just, Am I just a fool When the summer's gone She'll be there standing by the
13. Mike And The Mechanics - I Get The Feeling
I get the feeling, that I've been here before Saying all these things to you I get the feeling, that I fell through that door Comin' down with deja-vu There's no emotion, nothing at all You don't
14. Bad Boys Blue - What a feeling
I feel I'm losing control of my heart and my soul It's rolling over me now, from my head to my toes The temptation I fight is taking over my mind I've never been so impressed and never obsessed When yo
15. The Jelly Jam - Feeling
Once on a ride I was left in the forest And the leaves and the wind Seemed to carry me home But when I arrived It was long after morning And the heat of the day Left me standing alone Voices callin
16. Kylie Minogue - Where Is The Feeling
Written: Smarties, Hannah INTRO: There's nobody better, better than you You make me feel happy Happy, happy to know you CHORUS: But where is the feeling? The feeling of security When we're not to
17. Devo - Gut Feeling
18. Pinhead Gunpowder - Once More Without Feeling
Your time in the lights Came and went just as fast Stolen from you in your moment of glory It's an old story It's an old ghost you can't forget And you regret the way that it was taken away from you
19. M2M - The Feeling Is Gone
V1 Listen to me as I explain this situation It's not like I wanna destroy his reputation We are still together But we are not moving on When we first met it was the perfect combination Now when
20. Duran Duran - A Matter Of Feeling
(LeBon, Rhodes, Taylor) How does it feel, when everyone surrounds you? How do you deal, Do crowds make you feel lonely? What do you say? When people come and try to pin you down? Aquaintainces smile,

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