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Termenul Cautat: take my hand i will show you how to make you lose control
Cautari Asemanatoare: versuri Maher Zain hold my hand, lose control, cobra starship make me feel good feat sabi, Then she put her hand I told her no she cried te amo , Dance control nu te pot avea , must be exhausting to lose your old game, you make me laugh you make me cry, dance like flipper in the wather shake like a coktail in the shaker make sex like an anima, if you take my hand i will take u away, sean paul feat zaho-hold my hand,

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1. Eric Carmen - Make Me Lose Control
(Eric Carmen/Dean Pitchford) Recorded by Eric Carmen Arista AS1-9686 / 1988 I run a comb through my hair and step out in the street And the city's the color of flame in the mid-summer heat Oh
2. Silk - Lose Control
(talking) I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you I really didn't I'm so sorry I just want you to sit down for just a minute Let me talk to you Last night we had an argument You told me you love me All
3. James - Lose Control
Where is the love Where is the love Where is the love That everyone is talking of Where is the love Where is the love That everyone is dreaming of Come to bed Come to bed Come to bed I cannot sle
4. Brian Mcfadden - Lose lose situation
When we fall out I like to go driving in my car Listen to something ironic and end up in a bar Get an ear full of shit from a stranger who's got a broken heart Weighing up what would be more painful St
5. Ice Cube - Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth
Intro: K-Dee, Ice Cube [hey yo cube] MAKE IT RUFF [cube check it out] whassup? [yo this bitch was suckin my dick, you know what i told her?] what? [make the music with ya mouth biiiyaaatch!] hahaha
6. Presence - Lose Yourself
your skin press your lips against mine now we can make up for lost time grow old and start our lives what is time when we have right now what is love to me to lose yourself cast our shadows aside inside ou
7. One Minute Silence - And Some Ya Lose
This place will self-destruct in 5 seconds This place will self-destruct in 4 seconds This place will self-destruct in 3 seconds This place will self-destruct in 2 seconds This place will self-destruct
8. The Eyeliners - You Lose
You want to be like them You want to be their friend But you lost Because you can't win with them You can't win with them But you're Following along on the assembly line You're either stupid or you'
9. Cyco Miko - Nothing To Lose
You said you knew the but way I followed you but I don't like where it got me So trust me when I say it yes I mean it This is the truth there's no fine line in between it Trust me I got nothing to lose
10. The Beloved - Lose Yourself In Me
you, with that look in your eyes who do you think about as you fantasize? oh, how i need your caress anything you want the answer is yes lose yourself in me lose yourself in me oh, how i long for y
11. Field Mob - Nothing 2 Lose
Artist: Field Mob f/ Slimm Calhoun Album: From Tha Roota to Tha Toota Song: Nothing 2 Lose Typed by: [Chorus] I'm ready to flee to a better place Go West, South, and East, whate
12. Samantha Mumba - Lose You Again
I don't wanna lose you again I just wanna be by your side forever I don't wanna lose you again I just wanna be close to you my baby I was out of my mind thought you was seeing someone else spying and
13. Karla Bonoff - Lose Again
Save me, Free me from my heart this time. The train抯 gone Down the track and I've stayed behind. But nothing can free me from this ball and chain I've made up my mind I would leave today. But
14. Randy - Win Or Lose
Wow, it came down upon us and it spread like the rats, I can't seem to remember saying O.K. to that. We're supposed to stand by and watch the swine grow fat, No way I would've agreed with that! We
15. Billy Talent - Nothing To Lose
Need more friends with wings All the angels I know put concrete in my veins I’d always walk home alone So I became lifeless just like my telephone *There’s nothing to lose When no one kn
16. Alison Krauss - Lose Again
Save me, free me oh from my heart this time Train's goin’ down the track and I stay behind Nothin’ can free me from this ball and chain I made up my mind that I would live today And you'r
17. Earth Wind And Fire - WIN OR LOSE
Jerry Peters & Jean Hancock I know that I'm afraid of lve The tolls seems very steep Your goals so uncontrollable Impossible to keep Despite the songs of lucky ones Those very special few Can't righ
18. Kenny Chesney - You Win, I Win, We Lose
(Kenny Chesney/Buddy Brock/Donny Kees) Nothing left, no regrets No hard feelings wish you all the best No blame, no shame Just time to say it's over I guess We both agree it's the right thing The onl
19. Lullacry - Nothing To Lose
You asked me why I kept telling lies I broke the rules But I don't care 'cause I got nothing You are the sun I am the flame I feel no shame 'Cause I got nothing I got nothing to lose It's the hard
20. Eminem - Just lose it
Ok.. Guess who's back? Back again Shady's back Tell a friend Whaaaaaaaa Now everyone report to the dance floor To the dance floor, to the dance floor Now everyone report to the dance floor Alrig

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