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Termenul Cautat: november rain
Cautari Asemanatoare: a candle rain has fallen in my life and brough me to my knees,you can hold back the rain, a candle rain has fallen in my life and brough my into my knees, november rain, MARIUS FEAT GEORGIANA RAIN, Sunshine in the rain, marius si giulia - rain, rain,

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1. Peter Mulvey - November
Close my door Close my eyes Press my fingers to the glass Why does November drag its heels when October never seems to last? The television tells us love can make a mute man speak or make a closed man
2. River City High - Hello, November
I thought I saw my breath As I looked up at the sky And I heard the train come by I might just catch a ride I tried to lock myself away And pretend it didn't matter But every time I pushed it
3. Azure Ray - November
So i'm waiting for this test to end So these lighter days can soon begin I'll be alone but maybe more carefree Like a kite that floats so effortlessly I was afraid to be alone Now im scared thats
4. Silverstein - November
Fragile leaves hit the ground. The cold air drifts into my lungs. I see your face through the fog. Reminds me of the dreams you lost. I can see it in your eyes. You’re broken down; your hands are ti
5. Duncan Sheik - November
The past we seek Some certainly The seasons we remember The light of May...and darkest days The month we call...November To leave behind The wasted time And every bad decision ...and harder still
6. Dawn Of Oblivion - November
One man said to me That mankind never learns from history Now I understand so well his mention Memories of long lost time I'm facing all my doubts inside Is there something I should know That you won
7. Love Spit Love - November 5
so where are we now a summer's end autumn breeze the winter is at your sleeve the leaves have all gone the windows are filled with frost if i don't come home i'm lost mary mark and john put on their
8. Forest Of Shadows - A November Dream
Obscured by night A forest of Shadows The silence of birds bringing peace The whispering night it calls my name And so I follow the path of unknown In solitude I wonder about Flakes of snow falling f
9. Everafter - November Regrets
just because i said goodbye didnt mean that i wanted you to walk away and now without a reason why i awake and find another day my heart is bleeding in your hands i hope it stains in your mind and ev
10. Beseech - Kiss Of November
In the beauty of the endless, crimson sunrise That makes me feel so warm I am drowning my sorrow and my pain But I'm feeling the season now change Feel the winds blowing harder, tearing my eyes By the
11. Mad Season - November Hotel
Music by Staley, McCready, Martin, Saunders (Instrumental)
12. A Global Threat - My Cold November
That night I hung up the phone. Tears were rolling down my eyes. All I had was the comfort of my best friends. The next day left alone. I watched the Lions game. Anything to get my mind off of you. I d
13. Imbroco - October, November, Ohio
got fever again. your feet are colder then winter in wisconsin. sweet dreams reluctantly end. my freezing hands burn to be touched again. i'm not desperate or deep. futile wants surfacing. wind up my
Sleep on and dream of Love Because it's the closest you will Get to love Poor twisted child So ugly, so ugly Poor twisted child Oh hug me, oh hug me One November Spawned a monster
15. Audiovent - Rain
Rain Coming to cleanse Will she fall? Stares Into the wind And she cries Her tears mark every time That I swept the pain aside Too much to withstand When the rain is coming Sh
16. Mya - After The Rain
Oh La la la la la Yeah ,yeah ,yeah La la la la La la la la La la la La la Tried to go on my way without you, oh Why did you go (Why did you go) Everyday I'm lost without you, oh I just d
17. Nelson - After The Rain
Look in the mirror girl, by now you should know You’re living in a fantasy, and you can’t let go He never really loved you from the start The only thing he ever gave you was a broken heart Don
18. Enya - A Day Without Rain
19. East 17 - Let it rain
As we walk through the Corridor of creation We see lands divide Nation against nation Like comets they collide And we pray We pray for the unseen To be seen by the eyes of man When heaven and earth
20. The Allman Brothers Band - Bad Rain
Don't come around here no more, bringing me all of your bad rain. Can't you see I've got troubles of my own. I ain't got time to be messing with all of your bad rain, why in the world can't you jus

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