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Termenul Cautat: no lines
Cautari Asemanatoare: no lines, blurred lines, Robin Thicke Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke Blurred Lines ft T I Pharrell, Chris Brown Between The Lines ,

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1. Pete Murray - Lines
Passin' time You've come so far but you're still behind, Lose you mind, If you cut this line It's just the way it's been, All your friends and all their sins, Just passin' time, (Don't fall behind)
2. Beseech - Between the lines
Help me to get through my mission inside help me to respect who I am show me something real I understand I wish that I could feel [Chorus] Read between the lines and maybe you'll find out what the
3. Built To Last - Between The Lines
Between the Lines Lyrics I’ve got nothing left to say. Even though you watch me suffer. All these years I’ve done my best. And still you say I’ve let you down. Between the lines. I see the truth yo
4. From Zero - Lines
I used to think that we were just like so tight Wants some company Always finding the time Always finding the time Always making the time for us And all the time that we spent laughing, loving
5. E Town Concrete - Battle Lines
i draw my line in the sand cause this is where i intend to stand ..and thats my plain you wanna snatch whats mine?? i'll trash your head ya'll don't know my like that my friend i try to make ya'll unde
6. The Agony Scene - The Lines Of Suicide
my heartstrings cease to strain i've aquired a taste for poisoned lips drank deep of this disease in me adored with prying eyes beneath a mask made of flesh and thorns collected from the ones she'd loved b
7. Cadillac Blindside - Sleep Between The Lines
congratulations on your skin, the new look, sin, is in. all blackened up to try and hide, how you tick on the inside. life in a coma, it must not be too hard, but i would never call that living. you'd bett
8. Peter Frampton - Lines On My Face
Frampton (1973) Almo Music Corp, Nuages Artists Music, LTD. EMI U Catalog Inc. (ASCAP) Lines on my head from that one thing she said She spoke of strangers that don't sleep two a bed Kept on tryin
9. Ryan Adams - Bartering Lines
Hold me up, hold me down Leave me in the withering pines Steal my love, steal my kisses Take em to the bartering lines Ten cents up, two bucks down Ship it out and turn it into fuel Three buck
10. Jailbird - White Lines 23
Your evil side is taking over again Your torments and your fears are revolving around your actions The dark side of your mind is nowhere to be found You are looking for answers, looking for a sign of
11. Bloodjinn - The Dividing Lines
I read your letter, sometimes the hand that shelters and feeds, must feed a sick mind with poisoned needs. The hands that clutch, can be the same hands that touch to much. Eyes that stare with love, re
12. Incubus - Smile lines
Met my match today Felt the blood rushing and mingling A curious and enigmatic thing Spiders in my dreams Synchronicity weaves like a web When you were meant to be a meal I want you bad! I want yo
13. Teen Idols - Read Between The Lines
I know some true lies about you and I can't believe it when you do the things you do and think it's a secret what will you do when they find out and there's no denyin' all of your stories are filled with d
14. Todd Rundgren - Parallel Lines
Kindred spirits moving along the spiral I can see you up on another level It's too great a fall And I can't reach you to pull me higher But I don't seem to get much closer or any more far What would y
15. Dance Hall Crashers - Pick Up Lines
i opened up the door and then i walked into the bar. through the smoky dim-lit haze, i saw him from afar. moved a little closer just to get a better view. he looked at me and smiled and said, i'm the
16. Dynamite Hack - Pick Up Lines
it's 1 o'clock and i'm still in bed but i don't want to leave here just yet what's for me out there TV too much time to sit and think months go by faster than days bills are due and i still can't pay
17. Beseech - Read Between The Lines
Help me to get through my mission inside help me to respect who I am show me something real I understand I wish that I could feel [Chorus] Read between the lines and maybe you'll find out what they
18. Badly Drawn Boy - Imaginary Lines
Sometimes I need your body next to mine I could draw us an imaginary line, I'm Just don't breath, I don't need your allergies I am falling out of bed not out of love, love I know you understand
19. Sixpence None The Richer - The Lines Of My Earth
The lines of my earth, so brittle, unfertile, and ready to die I need a drink, but the well has run dry And we in the habit of saying the same things all over again For the money we shall make This is
20. Heideroosjes - (Some Lines About) A Love Song
Love songs, I used to hate that shit But I find out, just bit by bit They're stupid, silly, but they're true So many cliches I never knew Most love songs, they really suck Boring stories filled with b

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