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Termenul Cautat: mindruta care i mindruta iese la poarta desculta
Cautari Asemanatoare: mindruta care i mindruta , mindruta care i mindruta iese la poarta desculta, Mindruta frumoasa ion paladi , Când iese luna pe cer, Sus sus tare tare vreau sa vad mișcare mare, Iese mosul obosit Iaca baba am venit, ochi tai albastri albastri si senini imi poarta pe cer dulce amintiri, la poarta ta, Adriana Ochisanu si Ion Paladi Mindruta frumoasa, cine e domnisoara care iese pe tocuri cum se lasa seara,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Stana Izbasa - Hai, mireasa iesi la poarta
Hai mireasa iesi la poarta Sa vezi cine te asteapta Mirili cu flori in mana Si nasii ce te cununa Doua staguri inflorace Giveri cu sterguri in space Sage lumea si sa uita Muzica marsu ti-l canta Az
2. Az Yet - Care For Me
[Babyface] Looking in your eyes It's written on your face I can read your mind You feel the same as me, baby, girl it's Time you face the truth You're in love with me And I think it's time that you
3. Owen - Take Care Of Yourself
Don’t take what I say to bed with you and don’t get used to that which I do, or you’ll only feel used in the end. Don’t weigh your heavy head with those words that I haven’t said. Don’t conf
4. Reel Big Fish - We Care
Thanx for the money Thanx for dancin' and singin' along And everything you do We just want you to know we care (we care) And we're sorry that so many people Got to enjoy our music By hearin' u
5. Youth Brigade - Care
I see them everyday, strangers in a way But I know them all the same You can't see them in the light, they're obscured from your sight It's not a matter of wrong or right They think there's nothing to
6. Hellacopters - How Could I Care
How could I care about getting a day job How could I care about having a plan If you get hit by a car you won't make it far So I'm just plain' in a rock'n'roll band How could I care about what's goin'
7. Helmet - LIKE I CARE
I'm paralyzed Just listening to you Now I am receptive I know you sleep So sound every night And you are deceptive It always feels good to be right And if it helps you sleep at night I'll tell you
8. Arcwelder - Why Did I Care
(music: arcwelder lyrics: s.macdonald) Wish I weren't so sensitive - that I could blow it off and wish you the best but that's just me and I just can't Didn't even care at first but you reeled me in
9. Gotthard - All I Care For
Another day before us and we're ready for the show across the land of mystery everyone with their own dream sometimes harder than they seam Here I am far away hundred miles and oceans from you feel
10. Faith No More - We Care A Lot
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Faith No More: We Care A Lot. # # Lyrics Corrected By: Apache AKA Pagan Saviour # #
11. Bangles - I will take care of you
When the daylight disappears When you're haunted, I'll be near When the shadows come to call When you're too scared to stand tall I can stand tall Dream and let your dreams go It's your turn to fly
12. Iggy Pop - TAKE CARE OF ME
Pop/Matlock I've been working a long long time Now I'm caught in a wicked bind You offered love but I threw that out I couldn't hear you I was too busy shouting Like a laughing hyena run out of breath
13. Jon Secada - Who Will Take Care Of Me
Music and Lyrics by Jon Secada and Miguel Morejon Who will take care of me When you are gone away I will have nothing left But your memory. And I wish that we could say The things we want to say when
14. Chante Moore - Take Care Of Me
f/ Da Brat [Da Brat] It's Tim and Bob again Chante Moore again All up in that, oww goodnes What'chu talking about? It's so hot We can't be stop Come on [Chante] Baby before you go Hanging out to
15. Taco - I Should Care
[some French stuff] I should care, I should go around weeping I should care, I should go without sleeping Strangely enough, I sleep well Except for a dream or two But then I count my sheep well Funn
16. Modern English - Care About You
There's many things in this whole world, That everyone should care about, The way you look into my eyes, It means everything to me, If I could tell you how I feel, But I don't know where to start
17. Aaliyah - I Care 4 U
Mmmmmmm.......Yeah......No no no no no no no... yea...ohhhh... hey my baby why you lookin so down? seems like ya need a lovin. baby you need a girl like me around. hey my baby tell me why u cry. Her
18. Babyface - I care about you
Sometimes I feel so alone I call your heart But there's no one at home Taking a toll on my pride I'm reaching out But there's no one inside It doesn't feel right, when I look in your eyes I know l
19. Copeland - Take Care
I'll take care of you oh Have faith that when you call my name I'll be there It was a straight faced lie I believed It was a straight faced lie You would ever leave me But for now I'll keep believin
20. Sara Evans - Why Should I Care
Oh, Why should I care if you, found somebody new, and you look like you're in love and why should I care if she looks alot like me, and she's all you've ever dreamed of? I didn't care enough to keep yo

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