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Termenul Cautat: laurent wolf no stress
Cautari Asemanatoare: Oh Land Wolf I, Stress feat Jaba, Stress feat Jaba Vers La Lumiere , Karl Wolf - Carrera, she wolf, no stress, laurent wolf no stress,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Biffy Clyro - Stress On The Sky
you're just dull I抦 not to blame broke your heart for fun you're just dull I抦 not to blame for this you're just a mess, to me if my hope is gone, the way I feel until the end is near, belo
2. Organized Konfusion - Stress
Chorus: Repeat 4X Crush, kill, destroy, stress Verse One: Prince Poetry Pain, stress My brain, can't even rest It's hard to maintain the pressure on my chest Excess frustration strikes! Blood rushes
3. Godsmack - Stress
You think your head's achin? I'm not finished yet. I won't be mistaken, How soon you forget. Take back what you said, And I'll spare you pain. Then you can spare me all your fuckin' lies! I can't wa
4. Pain Of Salvation - Stress
[music: daniel gildenlow/daniel magdic] [lyrics: daniel gildenlow] (watching corners and crossing watching all the red lights watching the stress watching beggars and bankers and rushing cars I'm dro
5. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Stress Pill
The sun is shining brightly I'm afraid my mind is going I can feel it I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly take a stress pill and think things over The sun is shining brightly I feel much
6. Terrorizer - Storm Of Stress
Can't escape all your worries Endless sorrow, pain, and suffer can't escape your emotions enslavement by the world you choose The struggle continues at the of pain Peace can no longer rest in your min
7. Dystopia - Stress Builds Character
lifes been swell now i want to die my body it hurts me sigh after sign i call it torture you call it life a slave to money and everything i despise like everyone in general fuck eat sleep destroyi am
8. Mr. Bungle - Carry Stress In The Jaw (Sleep Part II)
Powder grinding mouthful Pull the day from the nocturn Sonmiloquist is the nightmare's song In the multiplied objects of the external world I had no thoughts but for the teeth...and of Bernice I mo
9. Curse - Gleichgewicht (Featuring Stress And Trauma)
es gibt zu wenigt gute worte, viel zu viel gut gemeinte, viel zu viel falsche freunde, bei zuwenig wahren feinden, viel zu viel tief schlafende, viel zu wenig wach träumende, viel zu viel abholz
10. Rancid - The wolf
I didn't trust him, 'cause he smiled at me first Just like the wolf before he bites me And I didn't go there I swear that it was cursed Just as if it was to despite me I saw some better days, from ?
11. Three 6 Mafia - Wolf wolf
[Chorus] WOLF, WOLF! All you want, run your mouth in the street But you AIN'T GONNA FUCK with a picture of me I don't give a MOTHERFUCK if you a hundred deep But you AIN'T GONNA FUCK with a picture of
12. The Kelly Family - The Wolf
Lead cocal: Joey / Paddy Watch out children There`s a wolf out there Open up you eyes son Cause he`s gonna get you Lock your door at night Cause he`s gonna eat you Don´t try fightin
13. Iced Earth - Wolf
Innocence tainted by pure lunacy Cursed by the slash of a shape-shifting beast Oh no, this can't be Demonic infection, a doomed changeling His future concealed as he begs to be told A kiss from the gy
14. Metallica - Of Wolf And Man
Off through the new day's mist I run out from the new day's mist I have come I hunt therefore I am harvest the land taking of the fallen lamb off through the new day's mist I run out from the
15. Peter Koppes - Wolf Run
Winter finds the time to enter Plenty now the undergrowth Echo beats a frozen centre In one as wild as you Tundra wolves' threat, caribou climb Lonely wandering the hills Experience held for a find
16. Oceans Of Sadness - Again The Wolf Wins
See the sky, passing lie I will try, countess For I die, as you try When our breed will grow Why can't you see my lightning is real Ask on my knees for freedom... Shadowsight Comes through night, bl
17. Enochian Crescent - A Wolf Among Sheep
I stand proud atop of the mountain Made of Skulls of my enemies I am True God among the mortals Bow before Me!!! I Rape myself with my own Might I ride the winds of Eternal Night I am The Venom in yo
18. Immolation - Wolf Among The Flock
I am the one...leader of promise Stalking lost souls Rabid for the taste of faith Pull you close to me...I will make you see Spit my fears into your hearts Feed your minds with my disease I'll
19. High On Fire - Speed Wolf
Befriend a bastard, a thief as your brother Heard him say what's yours is mine Careful when gouging yourself with what's holy I see through your transparent lies Skeleton symphonies play psalms to tell
20. Broken Hope - Wolf Among Sheep
Wolf Among Sheep Lyrics I have an addiction - I can't stop killing Ending peoples lives is so fulfilling A burning urge to murder makes me mad Mutilating and defiling every victim I've had I've left

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