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Termenul Cautat: kutless promise of a lifetime
Cautari Asemanatoare: mossano i promise, lifetime, Justin timberlake ft Reba McEntire The only promise that remains, promise this cheryl cole, kutless, kutless promise of a lifetime , Jang Yoon Jung- Promise , I WANT TO SPEND MY LIFETIME LOVING YOU , this i promise you,

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1. Better Than Ezra - A Lifetime
Allie woke up 8AM Graduation day. Got into a car, And crashed along the way. When we arrived late to the wake, Stole the urn while they Looked away, And drove to the beach 'Cause I knew you'd want
2. Joe Diffie - Not In This Lifetime
Maybe a day will come When you look into my eyes And you won't see the love you saw before Maybe a day will come When the words you need to hear from me Are gone with the closing of a door. Chorus B
3. Erykah Badu - Next Lifetime
[Chorus 1] Now what am I supposed to do When I want you in my world How can I want you for myself When I'm already someones girl? (repeat 2X) Verse One: First time that I saw you boy It w
4. Human Nature - Once in a lifetime
Oh, yeah-yeah (aahhh) There's something about you What could it be? I finally found my destiny Now here you are within my reach How did I miss you? (how did i miss you) When you were out there
5. Ronan Keating - Once Upon A Lifetime
Once upon a lifetime I looked in someone's eyes And felt the fire burning in my heart For the very first time I was scared and young And had never tasted love But a woman took my hand And tu
6. Journey - OF A LIFETIME
The mist is slowly lifting The sound of life misplaced your mind You're sitting, spellbound thru out time I hope that you remember what you find Singin' more of a lifetime You put it down-all that I'm
7. Maxwell - Lifetime
I was reborn when I was broken I wouldn't believe, I wouldn't believe, no been thru a storm, no use in hoping that you would come rescue me somehow your love set me free And I, I can let my life
8. Gary Moore - Once In A Lifetime
(Gary Moore) I never met a woman who could make me feel the way you do. 'Cause when I look into your eyes, you don't know what I'm going through. I was looking for someone to turn to, something I'd n
9. M.E.S.T - Chance Of A Lifetime
the end of the world's in front of me hard to believe all i see it comes so close but pulls away to let me stay another day *it's one chance in your lifetime but it won't be the last time it se
10. Punchline - 3 Months To A Lifetime
You did it again, you let yourself be fooled. Why did you think that you had a chance. You took a look around, you said you hae this town. If you do then you have to move on. Runaway, runaway from everythi
11. Useless ID - Nothing Logical In This Lifetime
Scared watching from the side Logic doesn't even come to mind I saw you leave with him for the night On a white horse to your heart And all you thought was "what will my boyfriend say" Maybe this time
12. Tina Arena - I want to spend my lifetime
Moon so bright, night so fine Keep your heart here with mine Life's a dream we a dreaming Race the moon, catch the wind Ride the night to the end Sieze the day, stand up for the light I want to s
13. Mytown - Lifetime Affair
I know I never realized how much I need you in my life But it hit me when I was sleepin' I had a vision in my head It danced around and someone said There is a secret that she's been keepin' Yo
14. Black Star - Twice Inna Lifetime
[Talib Kweli] Yo, we been through this before right? (Word, word...) So we figurin', if we gonna do it, we gotta freak it, y'know what I'm sayin? (True, true, true...) Cuz everything gotta go up from
15. Jay Z - In My Lifetime (Remix)
[Jay-Z] It's the thought of a ride that make my eyes wide, I'm caught up I'm trying to make, all of my dreams materialize, so I sorta say my goodbyes to the straight and narrow I found a new route, you
16. Darryl Worley - Opportunity Of A Lifetime
(Darryl Worley/Randy Hardison/Wynn Varble) Big brown eyes, soft red lips I'm thinkin' I could get used to this This could be the opportunity of a lifetime My heart melts when you whisper my name I've
17. Clay Walker - Once In A Lifetime Love
(Clay Walker/M. Jason Greene) Girl I know you don't really know me Still I want you to listen closely This might sound crazy But after all isn't love like that I would be crazy to let this moment pass
18. Firehouse - Love Of A Lifetime
-W.Leverty-C.Snare- I guess the time was right for us to say We'd take our time and live our lives together day by day We'll make a wish and send it on a prayer We know our dreams can all come true wit
19. Mest - Chance Of A Lifetime
the end of the worlds in front of me. hard to believe all i see. it comes so close but pulls away to let me stay another day. it's one chance in your lifetime, but it won't be the last time. it seems there
20. Tina Arena - I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You
Moon so bright, night so fine Keep your heart here with mine Life's a dream we are dreaming Race the moon, catch the wind Ride the night to the end Seize the day, stand up for the ligh

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