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Termenul Cautat: give me you heart tonight
Cautari Asemanatoare: Stefan Stan feat Alex Velea You Give Me Love , give me what i whount whount a sunshine, living in a world with full of lies my heart is broken i can not hide dreaming for a bette, give your heart a break, give your heart demi lovato, joe cocker unchain my heart Joe Cocker You AreSo Beautiful , give romance give much love, when i need you in my heart when i miss you in my heart, you belong to me i belong to you fire from my heart, time to let me in your heart time to see me,

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1. Shakin Stevens - Give me your heart tonight
Oh Oh Tonight I'm walkin' the streets again running away from all of my teasing friends Whoh, tonight the stars are in darkened skies They don't hold all the love I can see in your lonely eyes I'm n
2. Shannon - Give Me Tonight
Walking sadly through the park I hear crying in the darkness And thought I act like I cannot hear Their situation is very clear: A girl who's trying to tell her guy The time has come that they say: Go
3. Shannon - Give Me Tonight (2000 AD Mix)
Walking sadly through the park I hear crying in the darkness And thought I act like I cannot hear Their situation is very clear: A girl who's trying to tell her guy The time has come that they say: Go
4. Nikki Hassman - Only Give My Heart
You want your fantasies A love that calms the sea inside you That conquers all Make you real, make you strong Somthing to believe in You've been waiting for The one you can adore To show you who you
5. Lea Salonga - IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU
(J. Crane/A. Jacobs/J. Brewster-Miller) If I give my heart to you Will you handle it with care? Will you always treat me tenderly? And in every way we feel If I give my heart to you Will you give me
6. Billy Ray Cyrus - Give My Heart To You
(Bob DiPiero/Walt Aldridge) I gave two teeth in a teenage brawl For a girl whose name I can't recall Then we broke up I gave a knee to the football team Chasing that high school state champ dream We
7. Mr. President - I give you my heart
REFRAIN: I give you my hope I give you my dreams I'm giving youAnything you need I give you my joy I give you my pain I wish we could Fall in love again I give you my heartI give you my heart
8. Jann Arden - Give Me Back My Heart
Give me back my heart It was never mine to give away I'ts been taken apart One too many times And now the pieces won't fit into place The truth is, I know how to lie I lie to myself all the tim
9. Lita Ford - Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight
(Ford, Ehmig) I found hunger in the fields of plenty I found freedom in a ball and chain I found madness in the voice of reason I found mercy at the hangman´s gate I´ve held the world in the pa
10. Roger Hodgson - Give me love, give me life
It's feeling like it's time to ring the changes It's feeling like it's time to be reborn 'Cause here we go again Proclaiming it's the end And reaching out for something To bring it back again We're l
11. Roxette - (I Could Never) Give You Up
I've been hiding, lost in the love of another. I've followed the moon and a song And I thought it would take me forever To find a place where I belong. I watch a rainbow rise. I give you all
12. Fefe Dobson - Give It Up
He wants her She wants him too Broken message coming through Same story for different fools Give it up, Give it up That's what they all say, say Pressure from the boys to give it away Suck it up, su
13. Mary Mary - Give it up let it go
When the weight of the world seems Like it's on your shoulders Bogging you down When you feel like you're stuck In one place And you just can't move it around When it seems like you're so backed u
14. Joey Mcintyre - Give It Up
(Verse) Let down your guard. Give it to me babe. It's not that hard to do. You are a star, you better believe, babe Better off by far if you do. (Bridge) You just got to feel The way you want to feel
15. Phat Chance - Give You Everything
Words by Phat Chance Music by Phat Chance & Scotty Wilbanks Each time we sing this song, we're asking ourselves, Are we really giving EVERYTHING to God? Nothing less than total commitment is acceptable -
16. Jonny Lang - Get What You Give
Father, father, speaking out Wants to tell you what it's all about But you don't listen, you don't care No one tells you what to do around here Got your girl, and it's all good You're so tired of bein
17. The Format - Give it up
Well i made my way back down to the valley, right on past 83rd street that's where we once belonged, but im gone i swear im Long gone
18. The Comeback Kid - Give And Take
How far would you go to satisfy? Everything that you long for And you wanted so bad It seemed to take over you world Nothing in this life is ever free You’ve heard a billion times Still there’s a
19. Jonny Lang - Give Me Up Again
Make up your mind, take me or leave me I'll be doing fine with or without you I'm wasting my time letting you deceive me The truth is in your eyes but I deny what I see Time and time again I let you g
20. Ben Christophers - Give Me Everything
Bring down all the shade that blinded the baby stars and eyelids under the cinema sky Maybe were' to blame and maybe were' not the same but surely were' as god intended I hope your catching your br

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