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Termenul Cautat: everybody dancing
Cautari Asemanatoare: china anne mc clain dancing by miself, Massari Dancing For Your Life Prod by Edward Maya , dancing waves painting waves things, dancing waves painting waves things i always remember, day and night we are dancing in the night, everybody dancing, dirty dancing-shes like the wind, dirty dancing- i had the time, dancing with strangers,

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1. Elisa - Dancing
Time is gonna take my mind and carry it far away where I can fly The depth of life will dim my temptation to live for you If I were to be alone silence would rock my tears 'cause it's all about love an
2. Ours - Dancing Alone
Waking from his eyes ...... He's just a child we'll have to try I was just kidding all the time How can I have really died And why am I dancing, dancing alone? We'll go out tonight Still searching F
3. Richard Marx - You Never Take Me Dancing
The world's greatest mystery Is love between the woman and the man Some guys are Romeos Others simply do the best they can I'm just your average, ordinary Joe Tryin?to learn things I never knew I
4. OMD - Dancing
5. Tindersticks - Dancing
I understand everything I understand everything Take me in your arms You knew how I feel Before I knew, I was up to my neck First time we danced So I'll tell you what brought you home tonight So, yo
6. Cage - Dancing Around The Fire
[Music: Eric Horton] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] The change of an age we're turning the page We're racing towards a turbulent time Intensity grows as conflict explodes But they've got something in mind The e
7. King Konga - Dancing Girls
i'd trade my life for a different scene an old milk cow for some magic beans what would i give? what would i trade? it's a question of passion -that it is. i love you girl or excuse me, miss did i
8. Dreamtale - Dancing In The Twilight
[Words: Makinen] [Music: Keranen] Though sky he was, not blue or white And wherever the winds were breezing Clouds of black were falling down And rain that was freezing When the lightning struck The
9. Bad Boys Blue - Dancing with the bad boys
As you see, like me, we can get you in a groove When you feel, it's real, and will not be confused Standing all alone and as a pair on the floor Keeping on the go as you know Dancing with the bad boys
10. Leo Sayer - Dancing The Night Away
Writers: Russell Smith & James Brown standing beside of the ocean looking out across the water everything is beautiful but I still don't feel like I oughta things we wanted, not so long ago I go
11. Leslie Phillips - Dancing With Danger
Verse 1: Raised with a Bible in your hand You met your parents' strict demands But now that sweet religious child Is like a hurricane gone wild Chorus: And you're dancing Dancing with danger Lies f
12. Myra - Dancing In The Streets
Callin' out around the world Are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer's here and the time is right For dancin' in the streets They're dancin' in Chicago Down in New Orleans Up in New York Cit
13. U2 - Dancing Barefoot
She is benediction She is addicted to he She is the root connection and She is connecting with me Here I go and I don't know why I spin so ceaselessly Could it be he's taking over me I'm dancing bar
14. Barry Manilow - Dancing In The Dark
Dancind in the dark till the tune ends where dancing in the dark and it soon ends we're waltzing in the wonder of why we're here time hurries by were here and gone looking for the light of a new
15. Movies Soundtracks - Dancing In The Moonlight
We get it on most every night when that moon is big and bright its a supernatural delight everybodys dancing in the moonlight we get everybody here is out of sight they dont bark and they
16. Kinks - Dancing In The Street
Calling out around the world Are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer's here and the is right For dancing in the street They'll be dancing in Chicago Down in New Orleans In New York City Al
17. Electric Six - Improper Dancing
every bodys doin, what they shouldn't be doin every bodys doin it in the middle of the street every bodys movin what they shouldn't be movin every bodys moving it in the middle of the street Imprope
18. John and Audrey Wiggins - Their Hearts Were Dancing
(Tony Haselden) One two three step two three Whenever they're waltzing He counts out loud She's tried to teach him But the rhythm doesn't reach him So they bounce through the crowd But oh won't you
19. Kim Wilde - Dancing In The Dark
Written by N. Chinn & P. Gurvitz We were dancing Dancing in the dark Sweet romancing Something's gonna start He stepped into the night With his heart open wide I was standing there With nowhere lef
20. Black Eyed Peas - Dirty dancing
Muevele, muevele Bailar, yo quiero baila lalalalalalala bailar, Mueve las nalgas, shake your ass girl. A la musica, we'll be dancing, dancing, dancing a bit Havana. And we gon shake it, shake it, shake

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