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Termenul Cautat: down the earth
Cautari Asemanatoare: earth song, down the earth,

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1. Oratory - Beyond Earth
There was a land over the sea cradle of poets it would be And then a storm of descoveries for all; To rise and never (to) fail We are proud to say we're the legacy! we keep the flame through eternity
2. Right Said Fred - No One On Earth
A tropic isle pack your bags let's go And leave it all to Cupid's bolts and bows Golden words on silver tongues Can't you tell, can't you No one on earth can love me like you do No one on earth c
3. Charlotte Church - A Bit Of Earth
from The Secret Garden A bit of earth She wants a little bit of earth She'll plant some seeds The seeds will grow The flowers bloom But is their bounty What she needs How can she chance To love
4. Asphyx - Last One On Earth
[Van Drunen / Van Drunen, Daniels] Behold my final testimony I'm the survivor of my race hear the tale of sadness and genocide where the species disappeared and the trees could no longer breathe a dr
5. Anathema - At One With The Earth
The intense grasp death's strangle-hold has over me confines me to my own personal agony Set me free, let me go Release the chilling grasp with which it clutches me The earth issues it's extreme unctio
6. Devin Townsend - Earth Day
Eat your beets, recycle...recycle... Don't eat your beets, recycle...recycle The message is; 'THERE IS NO MESSAGE' Babe, you better not ever think, Staring into the drink...get out of my mind... Cau
7. Queen - Earth
Words and music by Tim Staffell I might be at a table And suddenly I'll catch A fleeting vision of her crystal seas Or I might be standing in a crowded dockyard faraway Underneath the sun I'v
8. Immolation - Towards Earth
Death He Lied! To the most high, above all They cower in his might But now, in his nakedness and shame He falls... Fallen King... to endure Ceaseless pain... world is dead Mighty God... pulli
9. Pizzicato Five - The Earth Goes Around
(Yamagami/Shoji) Translators: Andrei Cunha chikyu wa mawaru yo la la la la la la la la --------------------------- the earth goes around la la la la la la la la
10. Sundays - On Earth
And she’s walking on the edge of a knife And she knows it’s the death of her Sarah you live & you learn you’re invisible And she’s walking on the edge of a crowd Late at night you can never tel
11. Blink The Star - On This Earth
On this earth I will stand on rocks and sand Waiting for sympathy and day's end To winter, spring and summer I swear there is no other you This is for you One life fades to the next It's with me you'
12. Anneli Drecker - Who On Earth
Far away the sky is turning grey Although the sun is shining above right here No, I won't let the fish eat you... And of course I know they wouldn't do! But you're too little to understand that Say, w
13. Samael - Son Of Earth
Hideous louse! The face deformed by horror, By the fear of life's duties, By the anguish of the unknown Born in blood and tears You'll bleed and cry when the day you die Welcome to the world of the l
14. Ayreon - The First Man On Earth
It is 50000 B.C. The world is almost empty; nature is still untouched by man. Off in the distance, a clan of ape-like creatures gather near a cliff side. But I am the first to stand. I must be... [Neil
15. Eidolon - Volcanic Earth
[Music: S. Drover, G. Drover] [Lyrics: S. Drover] Trapped beneath 1000 storms, volcanic ash is brimming to explode Buried under walls of ice - dormant lava waits to singe the earth Detection of seismic
16. Chevelle - Blank Earth
(Lyrics by Peter Loeffler) (Music by Chevelle) A scratchy throat I wish you would lift this, I drink liquids Spreading true, I hope A blank earth covered in nothing, living Swear this it’s somethin
17. Penumbra - Moaning On Earth
His tears are running in the fire , whose flames are burning his eyes He's running on some dusty waves believing He can't reach the sea, lost in silent Height invaded With a steaming mist and by t
18. James Murphy - Touching The Earth
This life, and all the things I'd known Turned away, and left behind The truth was buried long ago Memories fade in passing time For years, I felt my solitude Never seemed to leave my side My way was
19. Darzamat - From The Earth To The Stars
Foul weather behind my window Fatigue on my eyes I'm so much afraid of this world That I thought I would do it now I lay down upon the clouds of pleasure And sailed through the sea of immensity Danci
20. Mandragora Scream - Labyrinths Of Earth
[Dhalstai, Ambarllia, Yalmare, Leddnizzia & Imperiah] Scythed by our agony and Pain that grows inside, We consecrate our sleepin' beauties, And try to leech our blood Our knowledge rose behind hi

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