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Termenul Cautat: devil
Cautari Asemanatoare: angel devil criss si gloria, glorya angel devil, devil, the devil made me do it,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Drugstore - Devil
You turn your back on your own flesh You got a piece of me You were so young, so rich But I saw you with that mirror Right between your feet The world swings around you But I could never find you D-
2. Devin Townsend - Bad Devil
[Words and music Devin Townsend] I wanna know what you all Had for dinner I wanna watch the rodeo I wanna big city boy Be a man, not a boy I'm gonna meet you on down Beside the bayou I wanna
3. Eagles - Take The Devil
Open up your eyes take the devil from your mind he's been holding on to you and you're so hard to find the wind outside is cold restless feeling in my soul tempting me to get away but there's
4. Immolation - The Devil I Know
Cold and empty His essence malign This absence of light Casts out and condemns... God's will His soul, his essence Lives inside us This wretched mark Has stained our souls... Forever Th
5. Blackstar - Better The Devil
I have made my bed and now it is time to lie down Dark clown eternal with a permanent wry frown Still holding out with pessimistic hope Better the devil you know than the one that you do not Better th
6. To Elysium - The Devil Herself
[This one is about a combination of already mentioned subjects: religion, love, parasites. It's clear enough.] Slow me down and lay my head To rest and sleep with yours Like a river runs it's course So
7. Kris Kristofferson - The Devil To Pay
Go on, girl, take your chances See how long you can go on from man to man I can read the lines between your stolen glances And I know it's time to fold this losing hand 'Cause you're drawn to the flame
8. Kylie Minogue - Better The Devil You Know
INTRO: Better the devil U know Better the devil U know Woh Better the devil U know Better the devil U know Woh woh woh 1: Say U won't leave me no more I'll take U back again No more excuses no, n
9. Joan Armatrading - The Devil I Know
Makes the call Say everything's gonna be all right Don't worry Joanie I'll be a little bit late tonight But I worry 'Cos I know That's just how I got you Likes a woman That he has to chase a lot S
10. Henry Rollins - Let That Devil Out
man, we got to get this together we got to take control or we're never gonna get out of control all that proper conduct is a con too heavy to bear I've heard tale the truth will set you free sounds
11. Pat Green - If I Was The Devil
(Pat Green) If I was the devil I'd hang out in blue eye, Missouri Where the water and the mountain collide I'd scare all the little children And rumble around beneath the beds Tell them all kind of s
12. Millencolin - Devil Me
Yes, I'm a Yugoslav, indeed a Swede Got two brothers, girlfriend, dad and mom Good boxershorts I need, lots of maps I read I would love to run my own farm I like the Beatles, funk and punk I watc
13. Shakra - The Devil In Me
Oh baby look at me I'll be your friend tonite I'm gonna make you smile I'll never make you cry You think I'm full of lies I'm not that kinda man Cuz' when you're feeling down, down, down Gonna make
14. Impellitteri - Beware Of The Devil
Beware, beware of the devil The devil looked into my eyes when I was seventeen He said, I'll give you all the world if you will follow me. He dealt the cards, I drew the king, with this he was not pl
15. Cage - Devil Inside
[Music: Eric Horton] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] You say you'd see me on my way I look at you I guess I should have known I'm watching for you my friend If I see you once again I'll scream A tragedy you've c
16. Obliveon - Devil In My Eyes
There is a poison in my mind My vain ambitions burn in me Another dream's buried alive Another heaven I'll never see So now the devil's in my soul And so my heart became a grave The flame just burns
17. Tiger Army - Devil Girl
she's my little devil girl whoah no. cruising down the road with her oh. when i'm inside of- there ain't nothing else, nothing else... even as the time is getting tight and i'm falling down again. off
18. Psychotic Waltz - And The Devil Cried
be seated now, lay your small ante down as the dark dealer smiles to the play dear player of my little game I don't believe I caught your name that's alright now lay your hand down queens slay your ni
19. Pushover - Devil On My Shoulder
Tellin' me About my only worries, don't you think that I can see And will you say, I'm hardly understanding When I turn around and walk away Cannot tell me that I'm in the ruin Someplace I don't know
20. S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death) - Bigger Than The Devil
It's been so long since I became the undead spreading my stain on the world from all the slaves I've bled carve a swastika into your head dance around a fire wearing goat skin legs the cult of person

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