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Termenul Cautat: dana baiatul rock
Cautari Asemanatoare: daca ai sa te mariti sa duci fata la parinti sa nu lasi baiatul meu, acolo in patul meu sa doarma baiatul meu, Violeta Constantin Nicu Paleru Azi baiatul meu se insoar, Dana Nalbaru ~ Am nimic fara tine , Liviu Guta si Mario Baiatul Si Fata Mea, camp rock hasta la vista pe roaman, Joan Jett the Blackhearts I Love Rock N Roll , dana hopa hopa, dana, cap rock,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Dana - Baiatul rock
Inspir adanc, e prea fitos Cand l-am vazut era sa cad pe jos Clipesc prea des cand il privesc El mi-a zambit si simt ca-nnebunesc E prea mult fum, e prea de tot Si-un zgomot ce nu-l mai suport Dar to
2. To Elysium - Dana In Darkness
[This I wrote when I lost my grandfather and a friend shortly after each other. I imagined the whole world being mournful, and it was. Cycles, all these fucking cycles. Death depresses me, but I always com
3. Hopesfall - Dana Walker
please baby not another stare i've been in that trance before those burning eyes half glazed with tints of fury and resentment fighting not to look back and still tasting the dust from the last time we
4. Sonata Arctica - Letter to dana
Dana, my darling, I'm writing to you. 'Cause your father passed away, it was a beautiful day And I don't want to bother You anymore, I used to hope you'd come back But not anymore Dana. My eyes migh
5. Marius De La Focsani - Am un dor (feat Dana)
E Marius de la Focsani La Focsani, Focsani, Focsani Si-mpreuna cu Dana Rupe-n doua toata tara Am un dor de vad color Inaintea ochilor Uit de foame Uit de sete Nu te-as da pe mii de fete. Am un
6. Marius De La Focsani - Am o melodie pe telefonul meu (feat Dana)
Cu sapte randuri de lacrimi Am plans in urma ta Credeam ca e o simpla gluma Cand mi-ai spus ca vei pleca Cu sapte randuri de lacrimi Am plans in urma ta Credeam ca e o simpla gluma Cand mi-a
7. Travis - All I Want To Do Is Rock
Hey I would really like to talk with you Girl Do you have the time to stop Say All I wanna do is rock If this was any other day I'd turn and walk the other way But today I'll stay Not walk away
8. The Blues Brothers - All She Wants To Do Is Rock
All She Wants To Do Is Rock Hold back the door Stop all the clocks I just got the news that my baby wants to rock All she wants to do is rock All she wants to do is rock All she wants to do is rock
9. Brocas Helm - Here To Rock
Here To Rock Lyrics I know You know We know That it's time to rock n' roll I know You know We know That it's time to rock n' roll Heard it on the radio Seen it on the streets Drives my mother
10. Inner Circle - Rock with you
Yeah! All I wanna do is rock with you Love is me love is you. All I wanna do is rock with you shout it out an' tell yer friends too. Love is me love is you this is what we wannd do yeah.
11. Motorhead - Rock It
Rock 'n' roll, save your soul, And I got it, Give it to me, loud and free, Don't knock it, Let me hear it 'til the end of time, It's the only way, Send shivers up and down your spine, You can
12. Doro Pesch - Rock On
I've been here And I've been there People look at me And stare they don't know Where I come from Well I've seen this And I've seen that And I don't care where they're at My heart's beating like a d
13. Point Break - Do We Rock
do we rock do we rock do we rock do we rock c'mon c'mon c'mon do we rock yeah yeah take it to the top yeah yeah don't you stop yeah yeah woah bring it on down to the next track sliding it to yo
14. Jermaine Dupri - Rock With Me
Uh-huh-uh East coast (yeah) Uh-uh-uh-huh-uh West coast (Uh-huh-uhhh) Down in the dirty (where?) Dirty dirty (aha ha) C'mon (Chorus) (Rock with me) Put ya hands up in the air so (I can see) That yo
15. Clutch - WHO WANTS TO ROCK
Hey hey now, what's that smell? Just like cornbread done too well. What you need you know I got. So hands up, who wants to rock?
16. Motorhead - Dr Rock
All right, all right I hope you son of bitches see the light You again, you again I know you've got a mental age of ten Listen up, listen up I wouldn't swap you for a thousand bucks Come on, yo
17. Dio - We rock
You watch their faces You'll see the traces Of the things they want to be But only we can see They come for killing They leave and still it seems The cloud that's left behind Oh, can penetrate you
18. Queen - We Will Rock You
Words and music by Brian May Buddy you're a boy make a big noise Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day You got mud on yo' face You big disgrace Kickin' your can all over the place S
19. Bonfire - Rock me now
Satisfy my hungry heart I'm starving for your love Now the time is right for me we fit like hand and glove You look dressed to kill I wanna feel the thrill You're like a loaded gun You know I ca
20. Liz Phair - Rock me
Oh baby you're young but that's okay What's give or take nine years anyway I'll bet you that cigarette You won't regret my time I want to be with a guy like you So uncomplicated, so in tune Just ta

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