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Termenul Cautat: but you are so hard there
Cautari Asemanatoare: Where is my love for you I find you find good hard, red hot chili peppers hard to concentrate, goodbye my love is hard to die, but you are so hard there, hard to live,

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1. Fine Young Cannibals - As Hard As It Is
Life's been quiet since you've been gone It's no fun burning for one I was happy before you came Now you've gone, it's just not the same Lord know as hard as it is, as hard as it is They know how hard
2. Savoy Brown - A Hard Way To Go
(Chris Youlden) Chrysalis Music Ltd. Ain't got time for doubts or fears Ain't got time for shallow tears Ain't got time to bare my soul Because I still got a hard way to go Said that you got a lo
3. Q Tip - Go Hard
[Q-Tip] now picture this a man wit his whole thing in order movin through life at will he ill he make his own teeth growl wit his generous style but he still no joke wit his wisdom and smile giv
4. Henry Rollins - Hard
It's hard to get high And it's hard to get thru It's hard to hear me When I'm talking to you You see these hard eyes You know what I mean These eyes got hard After what they've seen I'm that hard m
5. Rebecca Lynn Howard - Was It Hard To Be Together
(Rebecca Lynn Howard/Carl Jackson) The night is filled with questions The darkness takes its toll Why did we take love for granted How could we lose control And I wonder as I lie here Not knowi
6. Peter Frampton - So Hard To Believe
Frampton/Regan 1993 Almo Music Corp, Comboplate Music Hymoa Publishing Ltd. (ASCAP) Another day you try to let it go But it's all encompassing yeah and it grows You knew it all and now it's new to yo
7. James - Really Hard
To be loving when the knives are out Takes much courage and a mind without doubt I'm just some robot, wind up the clockwork jerk Trying to impress is the nature of my work And it's so hard to remain op
8. Faith Hill - The Hard Way
(Keith Brown, Donna Douglas) I hear every word they say They tell me to stay away They say I'm better off without you, baby You've caused me nothing but pain Heartache's your middle name But seems I
9. Pat Benatar - HARD TO BELIEVE
Yesterday's a by-line, words upon a page Tomorrow is a deadline, sudden and it's strange Hard To Believe You ever would leave, but you did Hard To Believe You ever would leave Nowhere to go, can't si
10. Harem Scarem - Die Off Hard
(Hess/Lesperance) Remeber the lost summer nights We never found a warmer breeze If we're lost in time I'm stayin' here and never gonna leave I remember the look in your eyes Is it something that I'll
11. Son By Four - Hard to say
I find it so hard to say all the things in my heart I've been hiding I find it so hard to say Oh that I'm ready to give my self forever wanna tell you that I'll be your baby and I really wanna hold yo
12. Cher - Hard Enough Getting Over You
For the first time, in such a long time I've been feelin' there's some reason To hold on through the night And for the first time since You broke this heart of mine I find myself believin' It's reall
13. Fort Minor - The hard way
Come with me Let me walk in through the world that I currently stay in You can take a look around and tell me if I’m mistaken You can even talk to everybody that I live with Maybe you could tell
14. Cousin Kevin - So Hard To Let Go
I can't stop thinking of you I don't want to say it I can't stop remembering you I don't want to think it All the promises I made to you I broke But you still live so close to me You said you
15. Bowling For Soup - The Hard Way
The Hard Way Lyrics The Hard Way I'm moving in She's moving out to Los Angeles She's got a truck; she's got my stuff Packed into it Just seven months Was just enough Of putting up with me Imagin
16. Marti Pellow - Hard to cry
One flake of snow does not mean its winter one ray of light does not mean its day the tree may fall its silence will linger but I may not see you walk away How far can I run how hard can I try wh
17. Hole - Hit So Hard
Put me up above the boy The one I love I should destroy My sweet tooth has burned a hole Forget about it all He hit so hard I saw stars He hit so hard I saw God He's cold give him a candycoat He c
18. Jermaine Dupri - Three The Hard Way
[JD] See Quick, I told you man once we get a beat man Shit like this right here I got my nigga Black for me, uh I got my nigga R.O.C. for me, uh And y'all know who the fuck I be And for a long time I
19. Badfinger - Come down hard
I heard a lover lie, saw a lady cry her heart out He was on his way, she would have to play the part out And though he told her what she did was right He only loved her when the moon was bright And he
20. Brokencyde - 2 hard 2 take
I'm trying, so hard To get you out of my mind I tried so hard Until it was all over and done with My feelings were long gone No longer hurt in my stomach At first it was love kid, Then turned

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