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Termenul Cautat: animals
Cautari Asemanatoare: maroon 5 animals, animals,

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1. Nickleback - animals
I, I'm driving black on black Just got my license back I got this feeling in my veins this train is coming off the track I'll ask polite if the devil needs a ride Because the angel on my right ain'
2. Manowar - Animals
Hear the call of the wild in us all It waits for the night to fall I'm getting hot, I'm ready for the night No holding back, let's I'm gonna give all you can take all night And leave you in the
3. Manny Charlton - Animals
I know what I need I need you I can’t see nothin else all I can see is you I don’t care what they say about my state of mind I know what’s good for me and you are just my kind We are animals,
4. Heart - Bad Animals
They walk into the lobby The pack in black Heads are turning But they don't look back They must be crazy Not buying in Why these outsiders Get to shock and offend They're bad animals - bad animals
5. Michael Learns To Rock - Animals
Animals wild rivers and waterfalls I can hear the planet call show a little respect Beautiful to everything that is beautiful and if you want to save it all show a little respect In the sun
6. Devotchkas - Like Animals
A grey sky falls on blood-soaked land where children used to play theres no more laughter in the air-its all been blown away The bodies burn in the sun as you just march on by so handsome in your unifro
7. BT - Animals
Animals Lyrics my secret wish in this sacred place is to relinquish needs the great constant is perpetual change so when we leave as we know we will, some of us remains, consencrated and uncha
8. Jethro Tull - Look At The Animals
The tiny ant leaves his tiny ant drops in the sand, And makes his home inside a rusty watering can, Occasionally going out to look for bread and jam. He runs into a sparrow who hasn't eaten for a wee
9. Talking Heads - Animals
I'm mad...And that's a fact I found out...Animals don't help Animal think...They're pretty smart Shit on the ground...See in the dark. They wander around like a crazy dog Make a mistake in the parking
10. Adam Ant - Animals And Men
uno, due, tre, quattro ... Marinetti Boccioni, Carra Balla Palasechi! Marinetti Boccioni, Carra Balla Palasechi! Futurist Manifesto! Futurist Manifesto! war is the worlds lowly hygeine
11. Kinks - Animals In The Zoo
You're just an animal in the zoo Sittin' round feeling persecuted and abused You're locked up and I'm on the loose But I can't quite tell who's looking at who 'Cause I'm an animal, too But you're
12. China Crisis - Animals In Jungles
Rattlesnakes into water and when they bite, bite I bleed we're animals in jungles we're animals I could go, I could go swimming I nearly had I nearly had a goodtime I could go, I could go swimming
13. Sam Phillips - Animals On Wheels
am I your pussycat? I know what's new it's the oldest hat in the book we can't get fast enough to go backwards totake a second look animals on wheels faster all the time some want to leave us and go t

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