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Termenul Cautat: All Day All Night All Day All Night All Day All Night All Day All Night All Day All Night
Cautari Asemanatoare: Early in the afternoon I hang up the paper moon speakers in the windowsill I begin my p , i walk right should i would long night long, All Day All Night All Day All Night All Day All Night All Day All Night , day and night we are dancing in the night, (Dan Balan) Crazy Loop - Friday Night, i got a filling that to night gone a be a good night, tokio hotel springht night, basshunter-angel in the night, in some other night, angel in the night,

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1. Ana Maria - Silent night! holly night
Silent night! Holly night! All is calm, all is bright Round your Virgin Mother and Child Holly infant so tender and mild Holly infant so tender and mild Silent night! Holly night! Shepherds quake a
2. Mates Of State - As Night As Now
Ahhh Kori: I'm so damn tired, can't hear myself In all these hours, I'll heal myself Jason: Who walks beside you? Who will surprise you now? Move or decide it I'm so damn tired, can
3. Aeternus - And So The Night Became
cold earth blackened souls blessed by eternity dwelling under unholy ground forbidden thoughts and dreams provided by strong storms of bold beliefs and black souls of immortality the demons are dancing c
4. Jan Wayne - Because The Night
Take me now, baby, here as I am Hold me close, and try and understand Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe Love is a banquet on which we feed Come on now, try and understand The way I feel when I ne
5. Nuno Resende - Big night
Tonight, all of those eyes, there in the dark, my fears and my hopes tonight, maybe not too late to try (to) get out of my shade a light, out from the storm, music and words will change the world a nigh
6. Majesty - Into The Night
As the moon is rising We will on fighting. The stars are shining bright in the night. Thunder in the silence, coming down in violence. The fire in the sky is our guide. We hear the sound of fo
7. The Crash - Oh What A Night
Oh what a night we had. Oh what a lovely night And suddenly you came to me nervously, ee-ee Oh what a time we had. Oh what a lovely time How easily the world agreed with all that we hoped for Oh yeah,
8. Tindersticks - A Night In
I had shoes full of holes When you first took me in The path that you led Was straight to your bed There's no cots to sleep in And you showed me Who I was running from As if I had not known all alon
9. Az Yet - Last Night
Last night you were so in to it You told me secrets that You've never told a soul You were so nervous and Yet oh so comfortable As we explored your image of love I drank your wine As you taste min
10. Tommy Shane Steiner - Then Came The Night
Long legged shadows, Mississippi sunset She was standing like a candle that hadn't been burned yet The wind was blowing clouds like ashes Had my hand in my pocket, reaching for my matches I can see tho
11. Abramelin - Against The Night
A light on your shoulder, Cool as ice and bright as lightnin' Thunder in your eyes, Talk to me and tell me I'm in deeper every move. 'Till I'm almost lost in you. Can you feel the way That I can'
12. Fredro Starr - One Night
(Talking) There's two things in the world I ain't never seen, know what I'm sayin'? A space ship and the bitch I need, ha, ya heard? New shit yo, you know you tell me when you want some half of Miss
13. Rancid - ANOTHER NIGHT
in the dark with the okland skyline as i cross the city i avoid the landlines all i wanna do is make it through without dying all i wanna do is keep on trying another night in the streets for me
14. Professional Murder Music - A Night Like This
Say goodbye on a night like this If it's the last thing we ever do You never looked as lost as this Sometimes it doesn't even look like you It goes dark It goes darker still Please stay But I watch
15. Ronna Reeves - Big Night Out
(Steve Mandile/Kim Parent) Face in the mirror she's gettin' ready to go Fussin' with her hair, singin' to the radio The phone ring, ring, rings as she's slippin' on her jeans Tighter than the law a
16. The Call - Day Or Night
Somewhere between pain and pleasure The day goes by Somewhere between word and action The day goes by You can try me without witness You can tie me to the stake I may burn, but I'll still be with you
17. Camel - Another Night
Another Night (Camel) Dark clouds before our eyes Can't face the morning skies Day comes a day too soon I'm waiting for that silver moon Maybe I'm wrong But I'm feeling like another night Would ma
18. Cyndi Lauper - All Through The Night
All through the night I'll be awake and I'll be with you All through the night This precious time when time is new Oh, all through the night today Knowing that we feel the same without saying We hav
19. Scene 23 - Another Night
All night Did you know I was lonely Was I a fool to be foolin myself Was it your thrill when You made me believe all your lies I believed you kept from me I believed you had nothing to hide There w
20. Gentle Giant - All through the night
Everyday they clock me, everyday is just the same. And the people I see, wear the same face as me. As I turn the handle, time goes slowly by. Is that all that there is until the day that I die?

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