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Termenul Cautat: Shake It Up Roll The Dice
Cautari Asemanatoare: Selena gomez Roll The Dice, Shake It Up Roll The Dice, shake shake shake your bady shake your baody now move move move your body etc, Joan Jett the Blackhearts I Love Rock N Roll , dance like flipper in the wather shake like a coktail in the shaker make sex like an anima, Shake That (B.U.G. Mafia - Shake That), liceenii rock n roll, roll call, how i roll, mystical shake ya ass,

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1. Gun Barrel - Roll Of The Dice
[G. Feldhausen] Heart is beating fast time is standing still The dice's in my hand the ultimate thrill I can not resist, oh no Adrenaline is pumping through my veins Tonight I will be gambling the gam
2. Color Me Badd - Roll The Dice
It's not about another love affair I'm looking for that special girl to share I'm ready not to make a deal I wanna love that's more than real Girl you hold the winning card for you I'd gamble all my he
3. Beth Orton - Roll The Dice
She said I put a spell on you He said there's nothin' I could do And I wouldn't love the way I do if I didn't know that it was true And I'd never love the way I do since I began losing you And nothing
4. Huey Lewis And The News - Shake, Rattle, And Roll
Shake, Rattle, and Roll (C. Calhoun) Get outta that bed, and wash those face and hands. Get outta that bed, and wash those face and hands. Get in that kitchen, make some noise with the pots and pans.
5. Elvis Presley - Shake, rattle and roll flip, flop and fly
Well get out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans Get out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans Well I want my breakfast 'cause I'm a hungry man I believe you're doin' me wrong and no
6. Fu ManChu - No Dice
No time-like now---Straight down Mountainside---They went-they tried Overload-2 down---I know Bright green light---I seen-full flight Chorus: No shoes-No shirt-No dice I might know---Full view--we
7. Duran Duran - I Take The Dice
(Words and Music Duran Duran) Midnight, I think I'm gonna make it Feel the magical lash of the roll and the crash in their lives.. Headline, in tomorrow's papers, Kill that light it's so bright And y
8. Chingy - Dice Game
o shoot nigga shoot, dats a fo',dats a fo' you know dat aint gonna fo', there you go you gonna fo wit a three put six hundred down money on the what? money on da what? it's all good let up the muthafu
9. Grant Lee Buffalo - CROOKED DICE
[A phrase - Spoken] Hey I'm gentleman But I can take it 'bout as long as long can last and then I'll take it on the chin Mud is handy only when it comes to slingin' it Oh 'cause you ain't playing nice
10. Molly Hatchet - Tumbling Dice
Women think I'm tasty, always tryin' to waste me Make me burn the candle right down...but baby, baby I don't need no jewels in my crown Its all you women is low down gamblers Cheatin' like I don't
11. Yolanda Rayo - Se dice de mi(muy corecto)
Se dice de mí, Se dice de mí, Se dice que soy fiera, que camino a lo malevo, que soy chueca y que me muevo con un aire compadrón, que parezco un dinosaurio, mi nariz es puntiaguda, la figura no
12. Custard - Master Of The Dice
Straigt ahead - right through your eyes Await your last breath - pay for your lies Once again you betrayed me Play for your soul play to be free Get away You can't win this deadly game Never dare Yo
13. Big L - Casualties Of A Dice Game
[Big L] It's Flamboyant y'all Yeah, yeah yeah, Corleone y'all Me and my man was cruisin through the streets and everything was flowin nice The corner's crowded, niggaz must be rollin dice I parked the
14. Yolanda Rayo - Se dice de mi(english version)
They say about me, They say about me, They say that I’m a scarecrow, That I walk like some cheap dandy And that though my legs are bandy I move like a sleazy fox, That I’m like a brontosaurus, T
15. Eminem feat Nate Dogg - Shake that
[Intro] Shady, Aftermath There she goes shaking that ass on the floor Bumpin and grindin that pole The way she's grindin that pole I think I'm losing control [Verse 1 - Eminem] Get buzzed, get dru
16. Lalaine - Shake what you got
All my Friends are here This is The party of the year I'm not Ever coming down Smiling Faces all around
17. OV7 - Shake Shake
Descubri tu inmensidad en el ritmo de tu cuerpo prendes fuego en todo el mar con tan solo un movimiento Tu me invades con tu paz me invitas a volar no paro de girar Shake shake shaking your body ha
18. Corrosion Of Conformity - Shake Like You
Beginning of this world swelled with mankind Who built a tool to kill a fool and lead the blind Invent a rule to keep you down and call it a sin The stand behind the wall and watch the games begin Sepa
19. DEUS - Shake Your Hip
So come on baby, baby, shake your hip baby, baby, come on So come on baby, baby, shake your hip baby, baby, come on So come on baby, baby, shake your hip baby, baby, come on So come on baby, baby, shake
20. Ruff Endz - Shake It
Yeah So all my fine ladies in the club, shakin' it up Feel it Uh That's right Mami, all so tight blow my mind (uh) Said, can I hold you down, boo If you don't say no cuz I can freak it too

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