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Termenul Cautat: R A S A INTRO
Cautari Asemanatoare: INTRO SEARA, R A S A INTRO, intro nu stiu care seara , intro clipa va dispare, intro zi senina de vara el o zareste afara ea singura se plimba la fel ca prima oara,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Attica Blues - Intro
2. Pharoahe Monch - Intro (Rap)
Intro (Rap) Introducing, the star of the show Bring it on if you think you can hang Represent one time time time May I have your attention, please What you are about to hear is undoubtedly the most
3. J Kwon - Intro
My mic on, my mic on, oh oh oh my mic on. Hey yall dont dont yah hate when When people waste a perfect a a good beat on a intro? I mean yah yah i i could of bought another beat for my intro I i could o
4. Baby Namboos - Intro
My name's Anthony And I am Tony Guest I live in Manchester I go to Bristol now and again To see the skinheads Oh stop laughin' now You keep me alone so 'Cause one night you're found 'Cause I see
5. Mad Skillz - From Where (Intro)
...It's not about the salary I do this so MC's think twice before they battle me Cause Lonnie B can really flow shit (say what!) This ain't no wo, thuggish ruggish, bow wow, yippie yo shit I throug
6. NB Ridaz - Intro
Have you ever met somebody that's always down to ride Have you ever rocked a party, till early in the morning light Then you know it's time to ride, with my boys from the AZ side It's an Invasion; It's
7. Berserk - Through The Fog (Intro)
8. Poca - Intro
2oo5, Poca, intors dupa o iarna grea, Cu un nou album, " Primavara mea" Yo, Uni au crezut ca nu ma voi mai intoarce, Cineva are nevoie de o incurajare, Cine va asteapta undeva o mangaiere, Poca la
9. Fatal - Intro
[After about a minute of mixing] [Bomb explosions, gun shots] (You know what you be?) [Fatal] You be like the type that come at me And shoot one at me, Tryna set it, Then get another nigga to dead i
10. Ensiferum - Intro
11. El Negro - Intro zi
Ye,Ye ridic cuvantul direct in Jamaika Sub forma da raggae Si daca esti de acord cu mine spui yes, N-ai de ales! Ca nimeni nu poate sa se puna cu el Cand iese dupa femei Daca nu prinde nici una in pl
12. Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards - Intro
Listen up! This is the unknown bastard here, And all you mothers fuckers get ready, For the heavy sounds of Campbell California This is LARS FREDERIKSEN & THE BASTARDS!!
13. Uncle Kracker - Intro
(Kid Rocks Only god knows why playing in the background.) (Buses airbrakes and horn) Kracker: ugh..I guess this is where I get off? Kid Rock: yep...Remember everything I told you? Kracker: yep Kid Roc
14. Noni Razvan Ene - Intro zi
Strofa I Se traieste se iubeste si se moare Intr-o cusca inundata de minciuni Fiecare sta la panda si nu are Timp sa aleaga dintre javre pe cei buni Strofa a II-a Adevarul rataceste prin zia
15. Hatesphere - Intro
16. Celesty - Intro
17. Evthanazia - Intro
[Instrumental] [By Bobrovich Vitaly]
18. Skinlab - Intro
19. Don Omar - Intro
Looney... Es pa' empezar... Le voy a dar gracias... A todos los que de una forma u otra... Se hacen parte... del sue񯠤e un cantante... Son 12 a񯳮.. Esperando... Me van a escuchar en t
20. July For Kings - Intro
(there are no lyrics to this)

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