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Termenul Cautat: Dire Straits Ticket to heaven
Cautari Asemanatoare: dire straits hotel california, Dire Straits Ticket to heaven, DIRE STRAIT, Dire Straits, Heaven , even heaven crys, Heaven - Pentru Totdeauna,

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1. Gloria Trevi - Les Dire, Les Diremos
Dicen por ahí que tu madre habla mal de mí que yo no soy una chica buena y distinguida, que no te haré feliz. Dile a tu mamá que mi madre habla de ti igual y los dos enamorados igual de
2. Grateful Dead - Dire wolf
In the timbers of Fennario the wolves are running round The winter was so hard and cold froze ten feet neath the ground Don't murder me I beg of you don't murder me Please don't murder me I sat
3. Evoken - Tending The Dire Hatred
Feelings of horror and fear unable to distinguish what I see before me... Uncompromising is it's aura, thick bands of fog and downpours of hail disturb. Myself and I cannot deny this anymore. Hatred is
4. Jimmy Somerville - Comment Te Dire Adieu
Sous aucun pr閠exte Je ne veux Avoir de r閒lexes Malheureux Il faut que tu m'explique un peu mieux Comment te dire adieu Mon coeur de silex Vite prend feu Ton coeur de pyrex R閟iste au feu Je
5. Urge Overkill - Ticket To LA
Ticket to LA I'd never been to LA in my life c'mon get me there Goin' down to blow down, said I'm gonna go today On a greyhound bus yeah, on the westbound highway Gonna buy my ticket ride a twenty dol
6. Luxuria - Ticket
Brutal bimbo beauty nonsensically sublime this hammy Armageddon turns out to be yours and mine your face is just the ticket to everything I ever wanted to see your face is just the ticket to everythi
7. Ronna Reeves - One Way Ticket
(Ronna Reeves/Jimmy Grubbs) She wakes up every morning And drags a brush through her hair Has a strong cup of coffee She ain't got much to wear She punches in at 7 a.m. And works a 10 hour shif
8. LeAnn Rimes - One Way Ticket
Standing on the border Looking out into the great unknown I can feel my heart beating faster as I step out on my own There's new horizon and the promis of favorable wind I'm heading out tonight, travel
9. Phil Ochs - One Way Ticket Home
Em A D G I'd like a one-way ticket home, ticket home Em A D D Where I can watch television, talk on the telephone Em
10. The Beatles - Ticket To Ride
I think I'm gonna be sad, I think it's today, yeah. The girl that's driving me mad Is going away. She's got a ticket to ride, She's got a ticket to ride, She's got a ticket to ride, But she don't ca
11. Elton John - (gotta get a) meal ticket
I can hound you if I need to Sip your brandy from a crystal shoe In the corner, in the corner While the others climb reaching dizzy heights The world's in front of me in black and white I'm on the bot
12. Dead Kennedys - Oneway ticket to pluto
Get ready for the Blast Off! And don't forget the Hype! We're going into space. Distinguished scientists A pesky senator And monkey turds leaking from the lab All brought to us play-by-play by H
13. Collin Raye - A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home
(Craig Wiseman/James Dean Hicks) Mamma's tears fell so easy Daddy's handshake was strong Then I climbed aboard that Greyhound Eighteen and glad to be gone Took a rented room on broadway As I unpacke
14. Hall and Oates - All You Want Is Heaven
Words & Music: J. Oates What's the point of standing ten feet tall if you never learn to fall If you want to win you've got to play the game but if you lose you must accept the pain so don't reach for
15. Linda Eder - A Little Bit Of Heaven
No need to speak, it's there in your eyes We speak the language of love The city's asleep but we're so alive tonight The language of love is whispering softly take me There's no way to resist a moment
16. Kelly Rowland - Heaven
I wanna love together Kissing and touching feels better Now that I have, have you I couldn't ask for nothing more like a misty breeze on summer days or the warmth of sun after rain You always seem to
17. Sugar Jones - A Little Bit Of Heaven
The last guest has gone I can tell youre as thankful as i A good time was had by all And a little wine I know by that look (hmm) youve got other things on your mind And I cant resist t
18. Godflesh - Almost Heaven
Let me know who I am, I'm not sure where I am Let me knw what is left, because I'm not sure if I'm here right now Let me breathe give me air, suffocation is all I know Can't do it myself, don't know how
19. Opiate For The Masses - Heaven
Thank you so much for your confidence in me but you have been so wrong I have tried so hard to find your god in me for so long, so long, so long I'm right here with you I'm at your service You told m
20. Nine - Everybody Won Heaven
Redrum Everybody won heaven? Redrum Everybody won heaven? Redrum Everybody won heaven? Redrum Everybody won heaven? Redrum Everybody won heaven? Redrum Everybody won heaven? Redrum Everybody w

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