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a - Asa a fost dintotdeauna
?? si te faci ca ?? Stiu ca minti ca un *** nesimtit Eu stiu ca tu esti un *** Eu stiu ca tu te dai lovit Da stiu ca tu mananci **** Si-o sa te *** toti in ??... Pentru ca esti genul de om care daca
a - Bad Idea
Bad idea (x4) Ninety-nine per cent is great, The other one percent I hate, Little things keep bugging in my head Wake up calls, smack and that, fashion cafe, friendly fire GMTV, darker mornings and
a - Cherry bomb
SEND 1PLUS1 RINGTONES TO YOUR CELLPHONE (Cherry bomb, cherry bomb) Cherry bomb Can't stay at home, can't stay in school They all say that I'm just a fool Down the street, I'm the girl next door
a - Deal with it
...and we go! When I woke up on the sunset when it really should be dawn, I thought I had no brains...when I really had no brawn. Took it from the bottom, I should take it from the top, I had another
a - Down On The Floor
I'm down on the floor, there's a man on the door He won't let me in 'cause he thinks he's the law He'll give me shout when he's figured it out Gotta pick up myself, what am I waiting for? It's neve
a - Getting Around
All of your friends are famous You're the man at pulling favours Is that the best that you can do? Is that the best that we can do? You said it before, and you'll say it again You're go
a - Going Down
Suck it up, we're going down 30 seconds 'till we smash into the ground The passengers have lost their smiles Soon their bodies will be wreckage spread for miles I'm in the shit, knee-deep in it, I kno
a - House Under The Ground
I'd have my house under the ground All my friends would all come round Laugh about the ones who got away I wouldn't know the time of year It's easier to tan down here I find it funny I laugh at peop
a - Miles Away
You're miles away... I'm not messing about, I've got a mile of self doubt Yeah, you're not even close yet, Because you're miles away Another day in bed, sorting out your head You don't know what
a - Monkey Kong
There's nothing real about your fight Nothing in the shit you write You've got charisma in your hair The make up lady put it there, and it's (1+2+3+4) x (2+2+3+4) x (2x3) + (2+4) = 666 One, one p
a - Old Folks
I don't know I'm born, I'm only young I don't have a choice, you know I'm only young I'm getting older, I'm getting smaller Everybody tells you, you've got to walk taller You did a war, and
a - Shut Yer Face
So come out fighting, second's out Who's the daddy? Well there's no doubt Got on thing on your brain, you all act the same But you're alright 'Cos you are from Venus and I am from Mars You
a - So wrong so long
So tell me why you're here, Do you still hold me dear? When you're the one that walked away from me but that's okay, Did you think all this through? I thought about it too, But I can't waste my life a
a - Turn It Up
Turn it up I don't know where you're plugging in Listen up Yeah, we're all set to begin Turn it up Because we hope you like it loud Tune it up Any second now Making like Cheeky M
a - Warning
It's a warning, that's as far as we go Save it for the jury 'Cause I dont care anymore You're not even worthy It's a warning, that's as far as we go I dont even know you I dont even


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