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Zebrahead - All for none and none for all
And a crooked hook in his stride Walking wonderland Are you taking me for a ride? I know it's on again I guess some friends are hard to eye I can't deny I can't see why Smell blood in the water so
Zebrahead - All I Need
Drop the beat Too much gone of the day Yeah you were on your way Said there was nothing I could say And I got the drop on you I see what you do Just wanna see you run me through And I don't wanna
Zebrahead - Alone
I broke down on a Japanese street Words unsaid they scar so deep Bullshit, Palanuik both make me choke Too much JD too much coke She says speed up I want to go faster She holds on but I outlast h
Zebrahead - Big Shot
LH cause 714 is the area Everybody grab a friend and jump on in Get a new view and a message to send Look for the truth and hand you can lend But you Got something to prove A turn of your back and you
Zebrahead - Blur
Did you ever get the feeling that you were all alone And no one ever knew you and you never had a home And the lights and the colors do their best to distract you Fuck you. I don't even know why I li
Zebrahead - Check
Coming hard core looking like a gangster bitch Trying to front like you ain't rolling filthy rich Laguna Hills you were born and raised But you?re claiming South Central is where you spent your days Co
Zebrahead - Dear You
Dear you What's your name? When did we start this crazy game? Pull up a chair Grab a drink I need something not to make me think And all in all It's all the same The days go on and on Ele
Zebrahead - EGeneration
Mix, mix, stop now move around (x2). Steppin up to the mic. Mic 1, mic 2. Rollin' step out the bathroom stall we got pharmacudials and alcohol. Watch smoke and the light bouncin' off the wall. With
Zebrahead - Expectations
I drove really fast before I hit the wall I was punch drunk, spinnin' round, heading for a fall Do or die now, got scared, so I stalled You can have it all Your eyes inside the back of my mind Stars c
Zebrahead - Falling Apart
Stutter step through another trap set by deception Mention rejection Always lies in your eyes Settles in your action Jeopardize everything that I want And I won't compromise anything anymore In
Zebrahead - Feel This Way
I'm up and I'm alright Push on with all my might got to find a way to get away today Because I am the man What I am the man What Who's the man Try to front like you want to try and understand But
Zebrahead - Fly Daze
You are my leading lady, and I really wanted to say that you have some fine moves baby I hope that we can Groove again someday and I can’t forget the days when we danced all our troubles away Fly
Zebrahead - Get Back
Here comes the boom I got game like Kobe, act like you know me, if you rhyme better well then kid you best show me Fly by wrecking, never come in second, fists in my pocket and use my words as my weapon
Zebrahead - Hate
Why's this motha fucker looking at me is it something more than he wants to see i got a gun and it's mother fuckin loaded one more look and your daddy blows it because all the shit you disgust me, and
Zebrahead - Hello Tomorrow
Hello tomorrow and good-bye to yesterday We've been waiting for this moment And we still don't know what to say We may never find the answers or know the reason why Why we both decided we should say
Zebrahead - House Is Not My Home
Well I'm tired, so tired of getting up and wasting another day I wish the picture on the wall would still say it all But now yesterday is so far away And I would give anything, say anything To keep
Zebrahead - In My Room
This is the live version: I've got girls they're in my room The only place my room is not here Ten till two the clock will move Detention hall is better with beer I can do it all in my room i can be a
Zebrahead - Into You
For a minute, she's stuck spinning in it Still it's better to lose hope than dying in it Off track, impact, slam! She's lying in it Now she leads the way to the lost cost exhibit You got to break
Zebrahead - Jag Off
Well I'm back again, you thought you got rid of me I talk too much and all I care about is me I'm back again I'm here to waste more time of yours I just needed a couple of bucks or maybe more Well let
Zebrahead - Jagoff
Well I'm back again, you thought you got rid of me I talk too much and all I care about is me I'm back again, I'm here to waste more time of yours I just needed a couple of bucks or maybe more Well let
Zebrahead - Let It Ride
Let it ride How did everything get messed up? Let it go Now I got myself all stressed out Hold on to my hand, I'll show you where to go Take you anywhere you want to go Take a ride Now that ev
Zebrahead - Move On
On track Never look back When bad times seem to distract You got to make your way, don’t you know that Don’t’ wait Till it’s too late Got to let the bad times fail to illu
Zebrahead - Now Or Never
You got to go loco, this ain't no joke yo. Too much hype on the television and radio. What you wanna buy, and what you wanna be, is right there on the TV screen. And you be down with what they sellin
Zebrahead - Playmate Of The Year
There's this girl I don't know. Comes by every year or so. And if I get the mail before my mom does than I'll stay out of trouble. She'll change every year, even pretty without beer. She doesn't ca
Zebrahead - Someday
Late out the door, grab my clothes off the floor, backpack and books cause school is a chore Coming straight out the block, punk rock ain't no shock, blue hair everywhere cause we got the stock Slide by
Zebrahead - Strength
[PRE-VERSE] Turn the TV off, turn me on Disbelief confidence is gone You can take all this from me Stands my integrity ... now [VERSE 1] I'm so sick of mother fuckers Crooked wars that they wage
Zebrahead - Subtract You
Another day. Another clean break. Another cigarette and I think I'm gonna be okay. Some other way. Some other mistake. Some reason saying that you're never gonna stay. You are the plug and I am the
Zebrahead - The Hell That Is My Life
I. I look but never touch. She says I drink too much. I only think about myself, sex, and the couch. You. You light up my whole day. Whenever you're away. I'd love to say I've got you figured out.
Zebrahead - The Real Me
I know a girl who welcomes the world I think though the world is spoiled And she holds on to me She holds my head up so that I can breathe And I've found that when I'm on the ground She's the only one
Zebrahead - The Setup
Lie to me Tell me that everything will be all right (Who-o-a)Lie to me Don't say it didn't mean anything 1-2-3 GO! I should have known when my kicks Crossed the hinge on your door That you had
Zebrahead - Time
Kick it Microphone check one, two got to run Cause everything's money and son I got none so I got to put my time in rhyme in With my crew kicking down tracks and climbing Coming at you flowing sideway
Zebrahead - Type A
Shut up I'm not like you Back off Don't smother me Fuck this I see through you Suffer me through Shut up I'm not like you (x3) Suffer me through Type a Fly away Don't lie I won't let you
Zebrahead - Walk Away
Here I come around the bend again Don't want to battle cause you know that I'll win again Check it, battle scars earned and worn with pride These words are where my soul resides And never did I ever fi
Zebrahead - Waste Of Mind
Let down, but I'm ready for another round bear all the times that I miss and hit the ground Time is the key and it's holding I won't get burned cause regret is scolding So I find that this is just a wa
Zebrahead - Wasted
Gotta get up. Gotta open my eyes. I'm swimmin through this haze. It's been around me for days. Don't wanna come down, but you were always around. And everyone's so strange, there's nothing that the


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