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Yellowcard - A W O L
Maybe it's not over yet Somewhere inside him there must be some New dream awaiting to topple the rest When he finds himself Feeling alive yet alone Maybe the best he can get is still out of his reach
Yellowcard - A.w.o.l.
Maybe it's not over yet Somewhere inside him there must be some New dream awaiting to topple the rest When he finds himself Feeling alive yet alone Maybe the best he can get is still out of his reach
Yellowcard - Avondale
If you’re gonna rip my heart out, could you use a knife that’s dull and rust in color. (Once I die) there will be no way that you can cover, that scar. It’s hard. I know. And
Yellowcard - Big Apple Heartbreak
This can't be home anymore If you think i have not been missing the way she breathes you are mistaken my friend I've falling down So put your mouth on my bloody knees One night with me and I've broken
Yellowcard - Breathing
Eyes are feeling heavy but they never seem to close The fan blades on the ceiling spin but the air is never cold And even though you are next to me I still feel so alone I just can't give you anything f
Yellowcard - Cigarette
Watching the days burning out like a cigarette, just a few drags to go. Built me up and broke me down somehow. Everything just seemed so clear to me, nothing left to know I'll love you right and I'll lo
Yellowcard - Drifting
When I look into your eyes, I can see Such a sad man in disguise waiting, wishing, dreaming, drifting from me Hurts my heart to see you cry waiting, wishing, dreaming, drifting from me I don't know yo
Yellowcard - Empty Apartment
Call me out You stayed inside One you love Is where you hide Shot me down as I flew by Crash and burn I think sometimes you forget where the heart is Answer no to these questions Let her go, learn
Yellowcard - Finish Line
Hello friend It's been too long and every town sings the same sad song Hello Friend It's been too long and every town sings teh same sad song without you hear this hotel year will sure slow
Yellowcard - Inside Out
Here. A little sympathy for you to waste on me I know you're faking it but that's okay And I don't want to drag it out Don't want to bring you down I never wanted it to end this way Even if I wanted t
Yellowcard - Life Of A Salesman
What's a dad for dad? Tell me why I'm here dad Whisper in my ear that I'm growing up to be a better man, dad Everything is fine dad Proud that you are mine dad Cause I know I'm growing up to be a bett
Yellowcard - Miles Apart
If I could I would do all of this again Travel back in time with you to where this all began We could hide inside ourselves and leave the world behind And make believe there's something left to find We
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
There's a place off Ocean Avenue Where I used to sit and talk with you We were both 16 and it felt so right Sleeping all day, staying up all night Staying up all night There's a place on the corner of
Yellowcard - October Nights
Warm October nights You came and cuddled next to me, baby yeah yeah yeah Our noses brushed so close I wished it was our souls Drifting off to sleep I could hear the little snores you made watching ey
Yellowcard - One Year, Six Months
Sew this up with threads of reason and regret So I will not forget. I will not forget How this felt one year six months ago I know I cannot forget. I cannot forget I'm falling into memories of you and
Yellowcard - Powder
ying soaked in sweat tonight your knuckles white you try to fight the need for more to get you by you've had enough you wonder why even now your body cries for chemicels to blind your eyes wonder ca
Yellowcard - Rock Star Land
Christmas break of ninety eight just flipped me upside down One coast out to the other following the sound Headed west to get the best of what we all knew then One ocean to another waves come crashing d
Yellowcard - Something Of Value
All that I need to hear from you something of value but something untrue All that I wished that I'd find within you... See how what she wanted and she needed Tore it all down in the end Some how like
Yellowcard - Star Struck
Where is your inspiration, you lost it, oh so long ago so much for innovation, I saw this coming long before You had no motivation, your hopes are high but trapped below, This constant competition, we'v
Yellowcard - Sureshot
Get up face this day Find some way to make the mean kids pray Playing it safe, it's your morals at stake You're a young man who's willing to wage war Break from the mold, never do what your told After
Yellowcard - Trembling
Trembling, hold me now I'm torn between silence and violent expression tired of believing everyone wants to care and cherish someone I'm so scared of never having anyone Haunted by my abandoned dreams
Yellowcard - Twenty Three
I got to tell you that he waited all his life For someone like you to come make the wrong things right I know he didn't have the answers all the time But you can't tell me that you've never told a lie
Yellowcard - View From Heaven
i'm just so tired wont you sing me to sleep and fly through my dreams so i can hitch a ride with you tonight and get away from this place have a new name and face i just aint the same without you in
Yellowcard - Way Away
I think I'm breaking out I'm going to leave you now Theres nothing for me here, it's all the same And even though I know That everything might go Go downhill from here, I'm not afraid Way away away f


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