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Yankee Grey - All Things Considered
(Tim Hunt) (Track 1 - Time 2:40) All things considered I'm doin' just fine even though You left a hole the size of Texas deep inside of my heart The way I feel I should be losing my mind But all thing
Yankee Grey - Another Nine Minutes
(Tim Douglas/Billy Crain/Tim Buppert) (Track 2 - Time 3:10) Six thirty in the morning I'm in the middle of the sweetest dream When I hear that clock calling me I wrestle with the feeling That the day
Yankee Grey - I Know How You Feel
(Tim Hunt/Josh Leo/Robert Ellis Orrall) (Track 9 - Time 2:59) Like a baby tastin' ice cream for the very first time Like the first jump from an airplane in a free fall dive Like a roller coaster barely
Yankee Grey - I Should Have Listened To Me
(Tim Hunt/Steve Bogard/Rick Giles) (Track 4 - Time 3:30) When you told me you needed a little time on your own I kinda lied and said I'd be alright all alone My friends said hey man what can you do Le
Yankee Grey - Untamed
We've done the porch swing love so long I can't remember my name Back and forth nice and slow 'till we get real close and you still want to wait I'm not sayin that it's a big waste of time It's been gre


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