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X raided - Consider me dead
Artist: X-Raided Album: The Initiation Title: Consider Me Dead feat. Kingpen First Verse (X-Raided): I had a heart full of pride and had to set it aside Hazardous smell to the crucifixes stabbed in m
X raided - Everybody killa
One foot in a grave and eleven inches insane I got it, a lunatic causing other mothafuckas pain Devil saw the X-Raided with much heart Down on a killing spree, come up missing on a milk carton Kick back an
X raided - Return of da baby killa
You better pray When you see me put that nine up in that pussy, ho Cock it back slow Rock it back and forth, wait for the nut, then let my trigger go BOOM! Pussy-guts all over the room If you ain't s


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