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X Japan - Alive
I'm wandering the town all light off I don't know where I'm leaving for the muddy rain start to fall on me and I'm walking down to subway I can't see all around me get me out of here talk to me if someone
X Japan - Art of life
Desert Rose Why do you live alove If you are sad I'll make you leave this life Are you white, blue or bloody red All I can see is drowning in cold grey sand The winds of time You knock me to the ground I'
X Japan - Blue blood
My face is covered with blood There's nothing but pain Oitsumerareta keraku ni I can't tell where I'm going to I'm running, all confused Shinimono-gurui de Then I see you standing there Can do anything b
X Japan - Crucify my love
Crucify my love If my love is blind Crucify my love If it sets me free Never know never trust quot;That love should see a color quot; Crucify my love If it should be the way Swing the heartache Feel it i


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