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Wayne - All In All
Waiting at the door for some kind of life You never step outside because the fears you fight can turn the day to night But only in your head And you say you're the only one that knows Well I don'
Wayne - Be This Way
Slightly broken from the war Searching in the fallout Everything's been quiet here for awhile I hope you're not let down I can see up ahead Something at the skyline Energy runs up and down my spine
Wayne - Drop D
the days have passed when there weren't enough days before them to say remember when but you still say i can't wait until and you're still dreaming i guess some things never die and the ones that do ma
Wayne - Letterbox
Long long way to go Reading faces and trusting eyes I realize talk is cheap and slow Makes me choose from doors I gravitate to worn out paint broken glass and dirty wooden floors This daily routi
Wayne - Take Me Home
ask your questions here i'll tell you what i know or at least what i think is so ask me for my help i'll give you what i can but don't always assume that i can lend a hand if i smile that's ent
Wayne - Whisper
I'm not the pavement you're looking for I didn't come with a view And I wouldn't trade a box of rocks for things you think are worth enough to get a generation through I don't make my shape with yo
Wayne - With Regards
No holds barred you cut my will Without knowing you're to blame Only time and truth will tell If our reasons are the same And I don't think that you would mind Sparing no concern for misfits who say o


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