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Wave - California
[Bridge] On a lonely day I look out on the freeway I can, fantasize 'bout the car I drive Don't leave the light on I can find my way It's been so long now I have to say...
Wave - Clever
Does anybody know Where all the people go, oh no Does anybody care I found what I will wear And if I ever Maybe never Lose what I have found I'm so clever CHORUS Coz they're coming after
Wave - Daydream
Sunshine, strawberry wine A little taste of leather and lace Color blind it's all in my mind Temporary insanity When everything is wrong CHORUS It's a perfect day for feeling this way It's a
Wave - Let It Ride
Puts on her black eyeshadow Turns up the volume on her stereo Yeah she's looking fine Wishing she was mine First she's heading to the boulevard Crusin' up like a movie star With the seat pushed back
Wave - Midnight Driving
I saw you with somebody new Brought back those memories of all we went through It seems so crazy after this time I still think about you You're still on my mind So what's the deal, what's going on T
Wave - Moon Underwater
Looking at you through the window You're like a girl on the cover of style magazine I try to be cool But you don't notice me there I'm just another guy trying to get attention from you Well I'm in the
Wave - Read My Mind
I see you everyday But you just walk on by It's like fireworks that explode inside Just some simple words that I wanna say When I get close I hesitate Time and time I search to find That openin
Wave - Save A Little Part
You slipped through my fingers Like water washing over sand I'm stuck here in this desert And I'm wondering where I stand Just don't forget about me I'm asking you Chorus Save a little part of you a
Wave - Until The Record Breaks
I saw you standing by the stack of forty-fives Looking at 'I Want You Back' by the Jackson Five I really want to show you my affection As we flip through my record collection Chorus I wanna hang
Wave - Wherever You Are
Up and down this one way street Black and white is all I see For this moment time stands still This illusion seems so real But this will take sometime And it leaves me wondering Chorus Wherever you
Wave - With The Stars
There is a place In outer space I wanna go No crime scenes No magazines Or TV shows Jump in the car Right where you are The best is yet to come Right off the ground Speed of sound


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