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Warlock - After The Bomb
The biggest war has ended The smoke gets away The sun is coming up To salute the horrible day An endless battlefield Overcrowded with death Ah there's no-one there Who could have been blessed No si
Warlock - All We Are
All we are All we are, we are We are all, all we need All we are All we are, we are We are all, all we need There's beauty in the heart of the beast Fear behind the eyes of the thief I know you kno
Warlock - Burning The Witches
When the day is over The devil is near The people who know it Are full of fear When the devil is coming A virgin will die A soldier of the darkness Will take her life The demon takes the body Of t
Warlock - Catch My Heart
Tonight, the starlight flows into my window I'm watching the wheels turning round Tomorrow sleeps in the same old lonely places Just an empty dream filled with yesterday's faces Can you tell me, where
Warlock - Cold, Cold World
It's a long long way down To the dark side we're bound Tattered and torn We're wasted and worn It's a long, long, long, long, long way down I've been lonely I'm lonely too lonely It makes me so mad
Warlock - Dark Fade
You're only seventeen Today or tomorrow You expect a Surprise Full of erotic The first that you can see But you don't know She's full of lies When she passes you by You believe that she's alright
Warlock - Down And Out
Hey, guy It's not in order To walk around like the lads 'Cause for people of my age You're a stranger You're from a distant scene Like a fox in a cage Like a junkie without H And I can clearly make
Warlock - Earthshaker Rock
Hey you, whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do tonight Stand up and let it out Metal rock is here tonight. In the streets a wave of heat Burning half the town Finish the day in a rocking good way Out o
Warlock - East Meets West
Killing time Watching signs I'm waitin' See on the other side of town I've seen the walls come tumblin' down So I've come here to make you shake So get up get up, get up get up Oh come on, come on,
Warlock - Fight For Rock
Every book on the shelf Every teacher in school Every man in the street Has another golden rule East and the West Politician liars Last S.O.S. They set the world on fire ! Hear the message Don't t
Warlock - Fur Immer
Bleib' Dir treu niemals auseinandergeh'h werden zueinandersteh'n fur immer Keine Macht wird uns jemals trennen werde wie ein Tier drum kampfen Du lernst mich kennen! Denn Freunde geh'n mir uber all
Warlock - Hateful Guy
Aah! You're in a fever for the next bloody deed Your search is not long, your search for all what you need Your body wild - what's going on in your head? Oh we all know that you're a man so bad Like w
Warlock - Hellbound
Starlight Now it's the time Now I will try To realise my desire To strike back Tonight I'm prepared for this time To kill demons of crime I will fight Fight for my right For many years I've been
Warlock - Holding Me
Well I see you standing there Clouds covered from the moon Strong wind blows through my hair It's midnight and I'm staying here It's so dark and cold And I need you For holding me My heart desire: y
Warlock - Homicide Rocker
Hard rocker Blood sucker You all come just to see the show Neck breaker Earth shaker Feel the power, let the rhythm go There is something we believe in Its power will never die Get up - homicide ro
Warlock - Igloo On The Moon ( Reckless )
Life can be good Life can be bad Sometimes our mind is floating A sea of doubt A number 1 Right off the track Sometimes it all hangs by a thread But I know people With a different point of view Bl
Warlock - Kiss Of Death
Tragic was the memory A sacrifice of broken dreams It turned the sky a fiery red And dropped this curse onto my head For forty days and forty nights I slept all day, I worked all night With a burnin'
Warlock - Love In The Danger Zone
Fear in the night Broken dreams - wrapped in starlight Our love is dead I cannot feel my mind I cannot feel who's wrong or right It's you or me The strategy we know oh so well The battle field lies
Warlock - Metal Tango
My hands are in motion My wheels do not change My pain I turn into heat Inside these flames When time has no meanin' Where seasons don't change I dream with the heart of a thief And I don't feel no
Warlock - Midnite In China
A racing stampede Down in the valley The waves are horses made of mercury Our boat is shakin' Wet timber aching Helter skelter in the pouring rain The boiling river's driving me insane The rain-gods
Warlock - Mr Gold
See the master of evil Diamonds in his eyes Finger-tips like a needle Stab you from behind He'll pay any price To buy your heart and soul He makes a deal with heaven All he wants is your life No me
Warlock - Out Of Control
Drums in the night give me a sign I hear the sound of war That is echoing through the streets I can feel Cold metal steel The rhythm of death Is burning in my mind all the time Running through the n
Warlock - Shout It Out
Get away and start all over Think about your own Destination Maybe you have to try When time is right for you Ah, you ain't gonna find a way To make it all better But leave the evil nightmare Now a
Warlock - Sign Of Satan
See the evil signs See some bloody crimes Now hell's just begun Satan's having fun Every house in the street Has evil seeds The nature of the beast Is in our breast See some children cry See young
Warlock - Speed Of Sound
Hey pull the trigger I am your bullet Going to nowhere I'm shooting up into the sky The rhythm Accelerator This rocket is ready to fly Goodbye to your slow-creeping days Nothing will stand in my wa
Warlock - T O L
Warlock - Three Minute Warning
Mama says there's trouble, yeah trouble, on the streets today She says all the little ones got nowhere, got nowhere to play And she's right, yes indeed she's right But she don't believe That I will cha
Warlock - Touch Of Evil
Outside this flamin' ring of fire There's nothing left for me to lose I shoot to kill if I desire I walk away if I so choose 4,000 filthy stinkin' liars Tell me there's nothin' I can do I don't forge
Warlock - True As Steel
Go ahead all around the world Step by step, our flag unfurled Let your spirit rise Got to fight for glory On the wings of an eagle We're flyin' Breakin' free And you're gone Yes we're movin' on St
Warlock - Vorwarts, All Right !
I am on the loose I am lying in wait The hunter the prey I was begging for quarter Now I sing a different tune I won't eat your humble pie You won't make me toe the line anymore Now that I'm free A
Warlock - Without You
I feel so lonely Since I had to leave you 'Cause all I had to say Was not true I'm thinking of you Every day and every night I'm missing your lovin' Your face and your eyes I feel so lonely Since
Warlock - Wrathchild
Just beyond the neonlights Where the city is full of rats It's a neverending fight Between good 'n' evil You must be strong Or you will die You've got the guts And got the power To break out - So


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