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Wallflowers - After The Blackbird Sings
I'm finding it hard Just to keep up with someone Who's hangin' onto nothin' Only to lose what's never mine And I'm finding it hard Just to keep up with something That's hangin' on to nothin' To keep
Wallflowers - Angel On My Bike
She knows just what I like The angel on my bike She found me down on a two ton anchor Tangled up in wire She always gets it right The angel on my bike I could be killed if the train goes faster Well
Wallflowers - Another One In The Dark
We took 'em high, we took 'em straight up the hill They wanted it all, we gave 'em such a fill In their parades we stole every thrill And in their games we made every kill We took them hard, we took th
Wallflowers - Ashes To Ashes
Well, you could walk like a stranger head back into here Bringing gifts while you act so sincere Bringing gifts for a boy who's five years Looking for rocks and training wheels I don't remember you fro
Wallflowers - Asleep At The Wheel
Do you ever stop to count all the invitations At the end of the day when it comes down to one decision Of dead beat girls and freaks at a peoples convention All these sugars with no vitamin sensation D
Wallflowers - Be Your Own Girl
I know you're tired of waking up on the floor Pushed to the edge with nothing heavy to hold Using your clothes as a blanket and a bed Holding your hands just to lay your head I know you don't remember
Wallflowers - Birdcage
So sad that you took it so badly And acted so madly So scared like a baby by the morning with sunlight unfolding Your eyes have turned red And are holding me inside your story In the end you'll ha
Wallflowers - Bleeders
Once upon a time They called me the bleeder Well swimmin' up this river With sentimental fever But this ain't my first ride It ain't my last try Just got to keep movin' on If they catch me ev
Wallflowers - Closer To You
How soft a whisper can get When your're walking through a Crowded space I hear every word being said And I remember that everyday I get a little bit closer to you How long an hour can take When you
Wallflowers - Everybody Out Of The Water
Now on your mark Get set, let's go You got to move now before she explodes Look out the window and out below Back away from the glass There she blows The city's been levelled The hills are in flame
Wallflowers - Feels Like Summer Again
My mind is open And my heart is full I ain't got any weight That I can't pull And right now I know that anything Is possible I'm gonna hang my drum Blow my horn I forget what these pills I believ
Wallflowers - For The Life Of Me
Well, I know you find it hard to smile To keep your happiness in style You pass in silence in the mornin' You know you shouldn't ever try to ignore me And you look to be pretty nervous Sweaty hands an
Wallflowers - Hand Me Down
You won't ever amount to much You won't be anyone Now tell me what you were thinking of How could think you would be enough It's not that you have stayed too long It's not that you've done something w
Wallflowers - Health And Happiness
Maybe it's not That I don't care anymore Maybe I just never did You can't say That I have ever lied Because I keep the truth well hid Tell me what's wrong Is something wrong? You can't be sad Whe
Wallflowers - Here In Pleasantville
If you could see yourself the way that I do You might change a thing or two You wouldn't look so angry You'd know it doesnt look good on you So grab your coat And grab your hat There ain't no s
Wallflowers - Hollywood
You talk so loud, you talk so much and you talk so funny But honey, what are you talkin' about Something 'bout being, being reimbursed For every unregistered virus Drainpipes are filled up with dirty r
Wallflowers - Honeybee
Seen the shadow on my wall Turn and fall On broken hands and all Turn and crawl Seen that sun gone down And the waterfall She stood tall in the fallen rain Right off an orphan train She'll run to m
Wallflowers - How Good It Can Get
Slow down, you're breaking up Use your words don't yell so much I don't understand a word that you're saying Move in, and come up close You look like you've maybe seen a ghost Tell me has someone gott
Wallflowers - If You Never Got Sick
well that ain't a parachute that ain't a ripcord that ain't a body of water we're headed for there's so little time left so much to be done even you are gonna need someone that ain't a trick of ligh
Wallflowers - Invisible City
Lookin' back at the crash site I don't see me by the roadside Well this heart is on wheels tonight Straight through the ghettos And without lights Now every heart has a blind side Where it learns
Wallflowers - Letters From The Wasteland
Now coming down Out of this swandive to your arms I make no sounds When I move through your reservoirs I wake up quick I wake up sick As you abandon me Into these fields of rank and file Through th
Wallflowers - Shy Of The Moon
Pretty little girl on the side of the road Yellow hair in a yellow bow Little thumb sticking in the exit lane Two packs of smokes and a candy cane With women hips and baby lips A Hallelujah book in th
Wallflowers - Sidewalk Annie
She told you about it through a broken bleeding windpipe It shook your bones and made your life feel skintight Well, Sidewalk Annie Now your coattails have come undone Your whisper's a scream now Sinc
Wallflowers - Sleepwalker
Maybe I could be the one they adore That could be my reputation It's where I'm from that lets them think I'm a whore I'm an educated virgin Sleepwalker, don't be shy Now don't open your eyes tonight
Wallflowers - Some Flowers Bloom Dead
We didn't make it We did not pull through You shouldn't blame me I don't blame you Now what else did you think that I would do? ooooh as if it wasn't hard enough I'm so tired of waking up feeling b
Wallflowers - Sugarfoot
Sugarfoot's got two hands Just as long as he can see One hand in the birdfeed And a hand in the apple tree He stands in line, just a little behind A yellow moon that hangs he's all tangled and he bro
Wallflowers - Three Marlenas
Alone tonight in somebody's bed She gone and dyed her hair red She only went and did what she did 'Cause he would drive her home then There's lipstick on her new dress She hadn't even paid yet
Wallflowers - Three Ways
There's three ways out of every box Fall out the bottom Or you crawl out the top There's three ways Out of every, every box But if you can't find your way out The you just burn it To the ground
Wallflowers - Too Late To Quit
Takes all my might To find a hole that feels right To bury myself In a deep sleep at night I hear a voice Coming from the hillside Says I'll show you the way I will show you the light But I'm tired
Wallflowers - Up From Under
Well I'm down here in the well Looking back up at the hill Well I thank heavens I fell Must look more like myself Now everyone is so kind Everyone looks like a long lost friend of mine I'm on top o


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