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Wade Hayes - Family Reunion
(Chick Rains/Harlan Howard) It won't make the papers Like some reunions do There won't be many people Just me and him and you I made a childhood promise You laughed and dried your tears I swore that
Wade Hayes - How Do You Sleep At Night
(Jim McBride/Jerry Salley) I haven't had a good night's sleep In weeks now thanks to you The ghost of broken promises you made Haunts every room A hurtin' heart can't get no rest 'round here I lie aw
Wade Hayes - If I Wanted To Forget
(Tom Shapiro/Chris Waters) I don't have to go to those places that we used to go to I could stay away for days on end If I wanted to And I don't have to keep Your picture by the bed to help me sleep
Wade Hayes - Kentucky Bluebird
(Don Cook/Wally Wilson) Blown down the highway By two different winds Lord only knows When I'll see you again You're 'bout as close As the moon up above You're my long distance love Kentucky Bluebi
Wade Hayes - My Side Of Town
(Wade Hayes/Chick Rains) Well I heard it through the grapevine I guess it must be true I heard that crowd you're running with Has changed your attitude It's been a month of Sundays Since you've been
Wade Hayes - Old Enough To Know Better
(Chick Rains/Wade Hayes) Neon lights draw me like a moth to a flame Mama raised me right That just leaves me to blame When I get a little sideways on a honky-tonk tear I'm old enough to know better B
Wade Hayes - On A Good Night
(Paul Nelson/Don Cook/Larry Boone) On a good night I could hop in my truck Round up my friends and with any kind of luck We could end up howling at a harvest moon On a good night I could put on my hat
Wade Hayes - One More Night With You
(Wade Hayes/Don Cook/Chick Rains) I go to the job every morning I work like a dog for my pay My mind and body aches It takes two coffee breaks Top get me to the end of the day I do what I do Cause I
Wade Hayes - Our Time Is Coming
(Kix Brooks/Ronnie Dunn) Times are hard and the money's tight Day to day we fight the fight Nothing new, the same old grind Uphill all the way Boss man says forget the raise Preacher says to keep the
Wade Hayes - Someone Had To Teach You
(Harlan Howard/Bill Hervey) Yes I'll take you back again you knew I would For I go loving you that's understood But it's the first time you've come back With tears in your eyes Lately someone's taught
Wade Hayes - Summer Was A Bummer
(Hank Coochran/Dean Dillon) Hello Mary Ann Can't Tell You How Good It Is To See You Again How's Your Mother And Your Brother Have You Still Got That 'Ol Dog? Well I'm Not So Fine, Tell Me What Was Col
Wade Hayes - The Day That She Left Tulsa
(Mark D. Sanders/Steve Diamond) We were a half mile high on the Ferris wheel At our old county fair I didn't even know we had trouble until She told me way up there That's when my life started spinnin
Wade Hayes - The Room
(Chris Waters/Tom Shapiro) When I pull in the drive where your car used to be It doesn't hurt me like it used to I can walk through the door, and not wonder anymore Where you are, like I used to I can
Wade Hayes - This Is My Heart Talking Now
(Lewis Anderson/Jason Sellers) I know how much I've hurt you Trying to stand my ground Raising my voice building defenses While trying to tear yours down I want you so much, I need you so near Please
Wade Hayes - This Is The Life For Me
(Wade Hayes/Chick Rains) I was born in Oklahoma in 1969 My daddy played the honky tonks Out on the county line One night he took me with him Through those swingin' doors And I heard that country musi
Wade Hayes - Tore Up From The Floor Up
(J.B. Rudd/Bob Regan) The first time I laid eyes on you Me and my heart didn抰 have a clue What it was we were gettin' into But oh, we soon found out You said hi, my heart strings popped My li
Wade Hayes - Undo The Right
(Willie Nelson/Hank Cochran) If you can't say you love me say you hate me And that you regret each time you held me tight If you can't be mine forever then forsake me If you can't undo the wrong Undo
Wade Hayes - When The Wrong One Love You Right
(Leslie Satcher) Now they all said she was wrong for me Her tender words were not what they seemed But, Lord, it's hard puttin' up a fight When the wrong one loves you right It's easy to fall, and eas


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