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Vanessa Amorosi - Absolutely Everybody
Absolutely everybody, Everybody needs a little loving, Everybody needs somebody thinking of them. Everybody needs a little respect, And whatever it takes, I’m gonna get it. Everybody needs a
Vanessa Amorosi - Bitter Twist
how was your mother with the news? did she really like me? i know that i ain´t the nicest girl but tell her i´m trying pre-chorus: i´m trying to clean up the house that i live in and i´m trying t
Vanessa Amorosi - By My Side
How can I tell you how much I love you, How can I say what words cannot say; How can I tell you all that I need too, What can I do to make you stay; Please don't go away. If I could only stop all the
Vanessa Amorosi - Change
intro: i´m only lifted up lifted up lifted up to you verse 1: i start my morning i turn the lights on and slowly wake up and i end my day, i drink from the same cup i get around doin´everything t
Vanessa Amorosi - Dream
intro: i´m dreaming, i´m dreaming verse 1: one week to another leaving the love of my life holding the hand of a stranger why does this feel right so i fall in love with someone i just met st
Vanessa Amorosi - Get Here
Dodo do do, Get,get, get here (x 3) You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind You can reach me by caravan, cross the d
Vanessa Amorosi - Have A Look
Mm, yeah, yeah, mm… Never thought that you’d be mine. I just stayed there to be kind. Now you say that you’re leaving me, Well I don’t really care, I have other things o
Vanessa Amorosi - Heroes Live Forever
You are the light that shines in everyone The truth that's there for all to see You are the voice that speaks to everyone You're the heroes we'd all like to be You live the dreams that lie within our s
Vanessa Amorosi - Lifted Up
intro: i´m only lifted up lifted up lifted up to you verse 1: i start my morning i turn the lights on and slowly wake up and i end my day, i drink from the same cup i get around doin´everythi
Vanessa Amorosi - One Thing Leads To Another
intro: one thing leads to another you´ve been trapped, been caught who´s gonna stop? who´s gonna stop? one thing leads to another verse 1: so there have always been the men to be right yo
Vanessa Amorosi - Pray For Love
Yeah, oh yeah, Pray for love, Yeah, oh yeah, I lift my eyes up to heaven above And what I抦 asking for is all I抳e been dreaming of True love is so hard to find Won抰 you pray Won抰
Vanessa Amorosi - Rise Up
rise up and fly like eagles rise up through the sky we've got to rise up over higher mountains rise up, rise up, rise up Everybody's come a long long way such a long way ,to be here today we're goin
Vanessa Amorosi - Shine
You say that you never had a mum And nobody needs you So cry, so cry You believe that life rolls by Just to deceive you By your time, by your time You’re getting old And the longer you tak
Vanessa Amorosi - Sometimes Happiness
verse 1: if you´re feeling lost, feeling put down trapped in a mess, or just fooled around if your wish was a hope, and your hope was desire when disaster appears through every corner hold your
Vanessa Amorosi - Spin
friday night, i jumped the line clubbing with my girlfriends it´s our time to shine throw a few bones, wlk a few dogs hanging in the corner, drink and laugh a lot suddenly there´s you and my he
Vanessa Amorosi - Steam
Ah steam You know it's steam It's now been fifteen days since you've been steamed at me And I don't want your frustration and your madness Pushed and blamed on me 'Cos you're crazy through the day
Vanessa Amorosi - Take Me As I Am
I ain't no perfect six, Ain't turning any dirty tricks, To get me where I wanna be; Not gonna be a star, In a backseat of a car, I'm standing on my own two feet. Oh, not gonna play no games, Now or
Vanessa Amorosi - Tent By The Sea
When walking down this road I realised that we never, Like footprints that were washed away off the sand, And as I take this picture to hold a moment, It's gotta last in my heart, And be clear in my mi
Vanessa Amorosi - The Power
Mother Mary, Mother Mary Mother Mary, please answer my prayers I want to run free and I need you to be there I'm going to take some chances I never took before I've got to live my life and I'm going to
Vanessa Amorosi - True To Yourself
verse 1: somewhere in the distance i can see a mirror of myself who i hope to be someday finding my reflection always there but made so hard to see when it´s so clear clear to me, that pre-choru
Vanessa Amorosi - Turn To Me
Turn to me, Burning me, Turn to me, Burning me From all the taking down, To the driving far away. As if we're lost and found, Removing us everyday yeah. Pushing things too far, Or never moving it alo
Vanessa Amorosi - Turning Up The Heat
verse 1: love wasn´t meant to be easy without a care and this love will be hard to keep from a distance without truning cold pre-chorus tell me what you think about us tell me how you´re feeli
Vanessa Amorosi - U R Mine
My baby boy, sweet baby boy You know I'm gonna be there for you I said, My baby boy, sweet baby boy, Hey, hey I don't know how he got your number Oh no I didn't even know he knew your name I guess
Vanessa Amorosi - You Were Led On
Face the fact.. cant you tell she don't feel the same And I know you're just a fool that hopes to find That she loves you like you love her .. in your dreams To stay togther and feel the same Thats ho


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