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Vandals - 4,3,2,1,0,
Stop, pretending you're even having fun You just stand there looking dumb And bored with your thumb in your ass: You're better than that. For once in your life, before you retire Be the leader of the
Vandals - A Gun For Christmas
I'll get a gun for Christmas to protect my other gifts If burgers touch my property they won't leave here with out a limp Packing heat this Christmas I'll shoot it off on New Year's Eve, Cuz bullets go
Vandals - Aging Orange
I'm Palm Palm head And I wrote one good song But that was almost 20 years ago I tried and I tried to follow it up But you know how those sophomore jinxes go So I became quite bitter As sales dropped
Vandals - Allah!
Allah! Allah! Allah! Allah! I studied carefully, And I do believe The best of heavens is to except is Islam I hope that book is right They promise paradise I'm going for the bonus Of a martyr's rew
Vandals - An Idea For A Movie
I got an idea for a movie, And it goes like this (Check it out) It's about a boy who gets his finger caught In a bottle of Mr. Pibb And they go on adventures, I think it could be big Is it too soon
Vandals - Anti
Always speak my mind The truth is what i say I shout it out In black and white No smegging shades of gray You've got to be defiant That's what i always say You'll never never hear my silence But th
Vandals - Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
Just a grunt in a bind in his homeland Taking orders from a very very bad man Just yer average Dieter, Helmut, or a Bertrand I can waste him 'cause I know I never never shook his hand Killed by a hero
Vandals - Appreciate My Honesty
I used to take you out nearly every night. Acting interested in everything you like. Painfully pretending you we're everything I wanted. [Chorus:] Now I've gotten comfortable enough to be a whole lot
Vandals - Bad Birthday Bash
House all to myself It was my birthday present But total wrack'n'ruin Soon became apparent I just wanted a band To play my favorite song I thought that it would be mellow But boy was I wrong I th
Vandals - Behind The Music
Well we finished up the record and we think that it's the shit And we want it to go huge, but to play it off legit. And the guy in A&R's got the CD in his car and he thinks track 4 and 6 are contenders
Vandals - Big Brother Vs. Johnny Sako
Big brother, he is a watching Watching me and you Big brother, is a watching And he'll know your every move Their really really gonna do it to you Just wait and see They'll be telling us what to do
Vandals - C
"c" is for your little clit when i go down beneath. "h" is for your pubic hair that sticks between my teeth. "r" is for your rectum, that "i" fuck with my dick. christmas comes but once a year and makes me
Vandals - Cafe 405
Watching her at the mall she don't know me at all Hope no employee over hears Think I'm in love with you Red, Yellow, White & Blue Seems I've been watching her for years, It brings a smile to my face
Vandals - Canine Euthenasia
I'm gonna miss you buddy, You were the best pal in the world I feel real bad Cuz your going away But things will be better in the other world When you get to heaven I bet your legs will work again
Vandals - Choosing You Masters
I think my TV's busted If not this country's dusted 'cause I think I saw 7 Mary 3, And they were on the MTV They were telling the people to rock the what? Talentless hippies, Hootie wannabees, South
Vandals - Christmas Time For My Penis
I see you've been feeling down When I needed you, you've been around So this year I've a Christmas surprise That will make your spirits rise... I think back on the times, when you've always been there
Vandals - Clowns Are Experts (At Making Us Laugh)
Clowns are neato clowns are fun Clowns are loved by everyone Cops n' commies even fags Everybody loves a gag Clowns everywhere are freakin' out In parades they scream n' shout They're sad as hell, an
Vandals - Come Out Fighting
Voices! You're letting voices tell you what to do When you yourself don't know. Voices! You got one too, so let it out And let us know when you're feeling all alone. Well I know, There are times when
Vandals - Crippled And Blind
Look at me now cuz I can't you stole my eyes You broke my cane, you killed my dog Running around in the black, my whole world's gone black You turned out the light and said "goodnight" I can't see anyb
Vandals - Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairies
No Text
Vandals - Desert Woman
A thousand miles of desert - a million tons of sand A few less pounds of woman - a tired broken man A parching thrist that water couldn't quench My desert woman this frontier's only pearl How can I pen
Vandals - Disproportioned Head
If my body was twice the size it was Then I might look alright but I don't because, I've got a disproportioned head. And the people they point and laugh at me and They tell me it's huge cuz honestly -
Vandals - Euro
Here in America, respect your fellow man Some foreign cultures don't understand We got this little rule and it's called elbow room Pertaining to the spacial occupancy you consume It I'm in front of li
Vandals - Flowers Are Pretty
Children are lovely before they get ugly, and learn to do bad stuff. Flowers are pretty before they get shitty, and rot and turn to dust I heard that life is a wheel and you can't make it stop If you tr
Vandals - Fourteen
I've watched you grow for all these years and shamefully admit, I've loved to watch you blossom and it's awful hard to quit Feeling these feelings stirring up inside of me. You nearly are a woman now an
Vandals - Fucked Up Girl
I'm well aware that you are chemically imbalanced But I'm the kind of guy that likes a challenge From a crazy kind of girl who lives in her own world Who is legally insane I'm not afraid and I'll rise
Vandals - Gator Hide
Alligator skins, crocodile hides, good ol' boys, and their Southern brides City folk come for the lure of the bounty But they don't come back 'cause the sheriff of the country is Buford T. Jefferson Dav
Vandals - Go
I think I got a plan, we're gonna make a stand - Let's Go! go! Go! go! Go! go! Go! go! Stand up and be counted, get out of the house Take it to the streets, tell everyone you meet It's Go! go! Go! go!
Vandals - Goop All Over The Phone
He met her at the soundcheck, where she was tendin' bar Bodacious one sand ruby lips, a regular movie star Hersingin' voice was pleasin', that's how she got her name He wasn't from her neighborhood, but
Vandals - H. B. Hotel
Ever Since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell It's down on the end of a lonely street Called Heart Break Hotel She left me in the gutter With mud on my face She left me in the gutter A to
Vandals - Hang Myself From The Tree
Christmas is hell on earth, I know nothing worst Then being depressed and told to be happy. The season of su - icide, I know why they died Christmas reminds me I have nothing I've got no girl there's
Vandals - Happy Birthday To Me
It's my birthday and I'll do what I want to Fuck you it's my birthday. A special holiday only for me, so do what I say, It's my party, I'll make you cry if I want to... or leave. Fuck you, it's not you
Vandals - Hey Homes!
Word! you fudge with me You fudge with the crew Word! the dumbest thing you'll Ever do Word! don't front my set 'cuz we got power Word! i got guys Comin' in from bellflower Hey homes, don't front
Vandals - How (Did This Loser Get This Job)
I know it's just a figure of speech But if your breath and your clothes are bad Your destined to teach I see the president I see Lincoln What the hell was 43% of this place thinking We watch the sh
Vandals - Hungry For You
Hey baby Where you going tonight? And are you taking me with you? I love you so much I want you to know I really love you so I want you to be my lady forever And ever and ever and ever Little gir
Vandals - I Believe
I believe the children are the future, Teach them well and let them know Things may be all shit right now, But it gets worse when your old Happy meals and Easter bunny, Great moments indeed Enjoy it
Vandals - I Have A Date
I saw a girl and she drove me wild She looked at me and I looked and smiled The cutest girl you'd ever see I never dreamed she'd go out with me We met at school so I asked her out The only girl I eve
Vandals - I Know, Huh
I'm an expert on her cause I see her everyday She's got one of those bedrooms you can see from the freeway I know her brothers, her cousins and her Dad Would not appreciate me getting on those Not from
Vandals - If The Government Could Read My Mind
Baby I'm more than a little concerned you see About the New World Order conspiracies And the covert spreading of deadly disease They've got earthquake machines and UFO's And black helicopters wherever
Vandals - Jackass
You're on tour, I'm alone Wonder just what you did with your phone Try usin' it, I'm losin' it (I) never thought I'd lose you this way Quit the band, Get off stage Come back home, start acting your a
Vandals - Johnny Twobags
Johnny Twobags doesn't have the blues And it makes him sad Brings him down But not down enough to have the blues He's too white to have the blues He thinks he should be black to have the blues He's t
Vandals - Join Us For Pong
It's the gay nineties and You can't watch nothin' good Mindless pinko garbage Is all they make in hollywood Kung fu theatre, Now there's a show with class Like to find the guy Who cancelled it And
Vandals - Kick Me
Kick me, You know that I am a lazy piece of shit An animal on hand outs from an evil government I've always been a nobody, I'll never be a somebody, Unless I kick some ass or get that drink with the um
Vandals - Kill My Tenant
No respect For a land - holding man Only scum Who pay when they can Free - loaders That hate what i am Then beg me to fix their can Ugly harleys on the front lawn I come by To turn the sprinklers
Vandals - Lady Killer
Illa Zilla, Illa Zilla, Illa Zilla Lady Killer Illa Zilla, Illa Zilla, Illa Zilla Lady Killer I'mfa for, I'mfa for, I'mfa dancin' wit you Here go one, here go one, here go one, woooo Mr. Flashdance,
Vandals - Let The Bad Times Roll
For all those that are feeling way too fed up inside Now here's a celebration of failure and losing Like to put a shout out to all y'all far and wide Sorry people but this is the way it's gotta be I k
Vandals - Little Weirdo
The little weirdo down the street says he's making a rocket ship with household items, So we can't find him. Igloo cooler and some gasoline, soil samples and some magazines for the long ride home. [Cho
Vandals - Live Fast, Diarrhea
Intoxicated - the way I go through life Inebriated - and then I pay the price Designated drinker with a defected driver I can't find my keys must have left them inside her Eating Taco Bell and now I'm
Vandals - Marry Me
Young girl says to her mom, "How did you know that father was the one?" Then mom just rolls her eyes She says, "You'll find that special guy" But to herself she cannot lie She says, "I'm praying for t
Vandals - Master Race In Outer Space
One two three four Master race in outer space They had to leave this earthly place All the allies and the Russians too This nazi shit don't do This nazi shit don't do This nazi shit don't do So we
Vandals - Mohawk Town
Now Mohawk John knew he did wrong When he went and killed some men They sent for the marshal to bring him in They sent for Marshal Skin He rolled into town, And pulled his cowboy hat down Cause ever
Vandals - My Brain Tells My Body
Every time I see her sweet face makes me wanna, gotta cut my throat. No escaping or erasing her image that haunts me and taunts me again. But the sun it never lies, just offers warmth and fills the skies
Vandals - My First Christmas As A Woman
With Christmas upon us it's time to be honest And follow my dreams and to face A life of delusion and gender confusion No longer will be the case I never wanted army men of basketballs, I only wanted
Vandals - N. I. M. B. Y.
No Text
Vandals - Nothing Is Going To Ruin My Holiday
Everything this year's been a disaster But I won't let it bother me at all Nothing's going to bring me down, It's Christmas and I'm pleased as punch I'm going to stand my happy ground. I refuse to le
Vandals - Now We Dance
Drowning in this toilet of shit they call life Work like hell at Taco Bell for $4. 25 an hour No one gives a squirt of piss if you fucking die So seize the day by the balls, and squeeze until it's on it
Vandals - Oi To The World
Haji was a punk just like any other boy And he never had no trouble until he started up his Oi band, Safe in the garage or singing in the tub. Till Haji went to far and he plugged in at the pub Twas a
Vandals - Phone Machine
Hello, no one can get to the phone right now so I'm so sorry I missed your call I'll see you on Sunday Good - bye, I love you. But, If this is you, You can suck my tick! If it's my boss, Fudge you!
Vandals - Power Mustache
Mustache is a symbol of repression and of hate Never trust a man with a butt broom on his face It's the facial marking of the man who holds you down The source of all your problems, every city, every to
Vandals - Rico
The sun and the air The mountains and sea Streams and palm trees The valleys... The canyons... The mountains... The beaches... Hollywood, downtown, the valley Are all places you should see The c
Vandals - Slap Of Love
[Guy:] Do you love me baby? [Girl:] Yes [Guy:] Well how much do you love me? [Girl:] A whole bunch [Guy:] Well how much is a whole bunch? [Girl:] Well I don't know [Guy:] This much? [ SLAP ] Don't
Vandals - Small Wonder
You know Vicky that I love you You are programmed what to do Is it wrong to feel this way I could tell you what to say But late in the evening When it's starting to get dark Her light sensors Defec
Vandals - So Long, Farewell
No Text
Vandals - Soccer Mom
Gliding across the lawn, oranges and Evian. And pizza right after the game. Just tell me where and when, Volvos and collagen. Hope you might feel the same. My Soccer mom, it's on. Knew all along so r
Vandals - Soup Of The Day
Sell out! Buy in! Never gonna change! Cash out now buy a home on the range. 18 years, I'm still punk. Going back and forth you silly little fuck! When it goes away, I still stay. No I won't go away
Vandals - Stop Smiling
Happy robots say "life is fine" They're the ones I loathe They're stupid or they're lying Or a little bit of both Ignore disasters and say that life is great It never stops the smile on your shit con
Vandals - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Even though the sound of it Is something quite attrocious If you say it loud enough You'll aways sound precocious Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious I was afriad to speak When i was just a lad My
Vandals - Susanville
With 800 pounds on 18 wheels After 800 miles you know how it feels To have your rear so numb you gotta poke it To see if it's still there Well it's one more load to one more town Only problem is they'
Vandals - Take It Back
Let's go to the place where the food is really good And my order's understood and they won't drown my food, yeah! Get me to the seat, I wanna eat, Just a party of three Me! Me! Me! Yeah! What is this
Vandals - Thanx For Nothing
You shouldn't have, Oh - you didn't. You're so generous. Thanks for nothing. Never mind all the stuff I bought for you It was my pleasure, getting nothing back. Come next year I'm getting you what you
Vandals - The Day Farrah Fawcett Died
Birds in the air Never chirped the same Slobs in bowling alleys Never burped the same They came to cry Shocked with disbelief A broken mass of millions All drowning in their grief She was just an
Vandals - The Legend Of Pat Brown
Pat Brown Tried to run the cops down Pat Brown Ran 'em into the ground Pat Brown Tried to run the cops down Pat Brown Ran 'em into the ground Patrick Edward Brown Tried to run the cops down Patr
Vandals - The New You
Now you say that you like me, but you don't "like" like me. And you say that you love me but you're not "in" love with me And we should just be friends But friends shouldn't treat other friends like tha
Vandals - The Rod
Geall you people gather 'round And get together No more sitting on your booty Party people it's your duty You know what i mean Tell your body what to do It's up to you Now let your tight pants Do
Vandals - Too Much Drama
Hot step moms and surrogate dads It breaks my heart to see him so sad Lying alone in his room with a frown on Reruns show him what he's missing out on If life could be, like he sees it on TV He would
Vandals - Urban Struggle
I want to be a Cowboy I got to be a Cowboy I'm born to be a Cowboy I want to be a Cowboy A Cowboy! Uh - huh Tonight we're taking me fast car Were gonna go down to the Cowboy bar I'm gonna wait till
Vandals - Viking Suit
Come here little boy I'm a friend of your mother's I'll give you a candy bar if you get in the car Okay He's got his camera And deep seeded obsessions His nordic heritage And sexual frustrations
Vandals - Wanna Be Manor
You can tell I'm no great planner I ended up at the wanna be manor Wanna be manor, what a place to be Wanna be manor, it's not for me I looked in the door, opened the door Peeed on the floor, spotted
Vandals - What About Me
Now the birds in the trees are deformed and diseased And the leaves on the trees are wilting on the branch


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