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Valerie - 13 letters (feat Walter Crockett)
The picture hurt like a thousand words Each one read with pain Spilling over in black and white Just 13 letters, and then his name I tore it up and I pieced it back Then I tore it up again Still it burned
Valerie - As i fall in love with you (feat Walter Crockett)
Look here, lean close, hold me with your eyes as the morning light streams through Release my hand, let me trace your smile as I fall in love with you CHORUS: Breathe the song of the rolling dawn as our h
Valerie - Bubblegum (feat Walter Crockett)
Walking along on a hot summer day With the sun pouring down in that July way The flowers are thirsty and the birds want a bath The dogs are laying low, asleep in the grass Rising ripples of the heat From t


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