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Ultimate Fake Book - All The New Poisons
I saw you laughin' at pictures in magazines, Starlings from way back when you were a kid And like everyone did you worshipped them till the end Then two albums later came short - haired invaders And Fl
Ultimate Fake Book - Brokyn Needle
Me and Mot were rockin' out back in his bedroom Underneath a tapestry of a Motley Crue back in their youth No time to just wake up from dreamin'! [Chorus] Brokyn Needle doesn't need no cigarettes cuz
Ultimate Fake Book - Circus Horrors
Do ya think we need it Do ya think we feed it Does its stomach growl when we ring those bells? Do ya think we'll like it Should we be exited to see us both peel down, Down to brand new skin? The cir
Ultimate Fake Book - Diamond Ring
Diamond ring, I wonder what you bring Cuz it feels like it is a lot to this hand, if I don't see How every time I'm seeing clearly the sky fills ups with clouds But I think I'm just affraid of leaving a
Ultimate Fake Book - Having Too Much Fun
I know you didn't call, but maybe you wanted to You probably figured so what, It's late and we can fight another night I miss you a ton and I doubt you know I still don't like to be away too long But
Ultimate Fake Book - Liferaft Halo
I'm down to no more patience Lack of sentiment liferaft Sit down, the large heart slave will see you now Don't try to play it all down around me You know I see right through enough Not to take it all
Ultimate Fake Book - Little Apple Girl
Don't lie little darlin' - you're all in love Who else rides a weeknight in a nowhere bus? - Sorta rough, but this one's a little faster than I thought Don't lie - we'll know Little Apple girl, we'll k
Ultimate Fake Book - Of Course We Will
Pull the covers up, turn out the lights Believe me, it'll be alright I know you had it in your sights But still you can't stay up all night Let down - you're spun around You just can't think about tha
Ultimate Fake Book - Perfect Hair
Perfect hair is all we really need We spend so much of our energies on recipes When life success, it can be guaranteed With a modern style, you can go the mile ... it's perfect hair!
Ultimate Fake Book - Real Drums
I bought your record, and I fell crestfallen By the borrowed blisters of an old time zone Cuz I remember when the backbeat wasn't programmed in And heroes were still human and messed up [Chorus] And
Ultimate Fake Book - Roll (Electric Kissing Parties Part 1)
Well, you know, I didn't mean to look your way, But you knew why I was there - to know who's in your hair Unless you want to, don't answer Don't tell me what I want, hold on - hold on Under the disco
Ultimate Fake Book - Soaked In Cinnamon
She said, she said "You're the only one who knew what time it was" I said, I said "Time is always fun when you don't notice it" [Chorus] Why do I feel soaked in cinnamon Every time she touches me I
Ultimate Fake Book - Tell Me What You Want
A night in June, I'm crawlin' out from a silk cocoon I hit the town, put on my shoes Cuz Friday night I fall in love She comes into view, from out of nowhere, a girl so cool She makes me sick of my exc
Ultimate Fake Book - This Will Be Laughing Week
Step up to the stage, kids - and don't retreat From this Carnival of Volume I know that you're red - eyed and bloodshot - beat Ya just can't lick that all day frown And now you're rollercoaster sick an


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