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The Blank Theory - Addicted
You find yourself in circumstances That you can't control You follow me around everywhere Everywhere I go It's the way you want it (It's the way you want it) And it's the way I've worked it out It's
The Blank Theory - Back Of My Mind
Now don't say a word I know you've forever been promised the world Look into my eyes And you'll see there's another side So you can follow me Right to the back of my mind (In the back of my mind)
The Blank Theory - Broken
There was a dark face In the air that day It whispered to me I should brace myself For the toll it would take We lived and we couldn't cry Or admit that this would be the last We lived and we coul
The Blank Theory - Corporation
The less I know is more But I already know Too much and now I'm held Inside a tortured face But she didn't really care And she was one of them I guess that's why she left But now it's me that's scar
The Blank Theory - Fear Of God
It's so real that you can taste This whole world has gone to waste You feel crippled It's not real what you've become (Hypnotized so many times that you're paralyzed) (You won't take another look away
The Blank Theory - Invisible
(We can all just disappear) Some days I'm (watching it all) From the outside looking in And the world is shrinking (Picking apart) whatever skin is left on me (Wondering what) it is I have to do (Wo
The Blank Theory - Killing Me
All the moments we'll never see It was perfect as it needed to be And it kills to think it's over now And it kills to think you're someone else's Yeah... and I feel so restless Yeah... but I'd sleep f
The Blank Theory - Recluse
Recluse, I'll come back As I know that we can't hide Let me lose my mind again This time forever And I will suffer (Recluse) And should I run for cover (With the enemies of truth) The guiltiest of
The Blank Theory - Sour Times
To pretend no one can find The fallacies of morning rose Forbidden fruit, hidden eyes Courtesies that I despise in, mmm Take a ride, take a shot now Cause nobody loves me, it's true Not like you do
The Blank Theory - The Middle Of Nowhere
(And the lights go off) (And the lights go off) NOWHERE I don't always recognize me Not even my own face I can't take the ups and downs So I have to take these pills And the lights go off And then
The Blank Theory - Thicker
I always felt like there was something complicated around you' but the fact is it was nothing I could see or much less I could believe. And I always tried to be so fair' but the difference is you


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