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Take 5 - Bounce
Bounce Bounce Bounce bounce bounce bounce Naughty naughty Bounce Sexy lady drive me crazy Body's booming like the system In my GG baby baby Girl ya knock me off my feet And I can't take it the way
Take 5 - Do That
Something about the way you strut your stuff Makes me wonder how it feels to be with you Girl I wanna touch you (girl I wanna touch you) Something in your eyes They speak to me If anyone awakes the f
Pre-Chorus: You're so easy to hold So easy to touch And when you're not beside me I miss you so much Chorus: Like a beautiful song You're easy to love You're so easy to talk to It's so easy to see
Ah yeah, I am ready Cause I’ve been waitin’ for this moment for a long time And now that I have my chance I’m gonna make this the best night you’ve ever had Trust me you’re the girl of my dre
Take 5 - Hottie
Hey ladies Can ya tell me where the hotties at? Can I hear y'all scream from front to back I like to see y'all work it like that Pardon me, girl I'm really shy I hope you understand Please don't mess
Take 5 - JUMP UP
Chorus: Jump up and down Everybody’s getting’ down with this sound When the music takes you around Let the rhythm take you off the ground, hey Your day job’s got you sad Somebod
Take 5 - Missing An Angel
Did I dream you (dream you) Could you be true Cause when I'm with you I can't believe that you're with me Girl, I never Thought I'd ever find you Who'd be the one who's holdin' you lovin' you Baby
Take 5 - Never In My Life
I remember how you use to touch me in the morning when I'd rise and how everything seemed right when I looked in your eyes I guess it's true you never miss your water until your well runs dry girl I re
Take 5 - Perfect Sense
You like to run and I like to chill If I'm chillin' with you girl Every second that I have you know I will Spend with you You're into movies and restaurants And that's ok but Spending nights with
The trouble with my heart is it always goes astray I guess that’s the reason why you’re leaving me this way Before you leave my love, there’s something I must say If you leave, you
Take 5 - Saved The Best For Last
There's something special about you Could it be a spell you put on me that got me loving you In the middle of the night Baby, I wake up to, to a cold sweat, yeah Cause I'm thinkin' of you It seems to
Take 5 - Take 5bounce
bounce bounce(yeah,yeah)bounce(yeah,yeah) bounce(yeah)bounce(yeah)bounce bounce naughty naughty bounce la,chicago,new york, detroit,miami come on,everybody come on and just bounce yo black people,w
Take 5 - Water
Something in the spring Is making me grow in love with you babe Something in the summer breeze Is blowing me into your arms babe Girl you know you got me open there's no time for anyone else You're


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