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Tahiti 80 - 1,000 Times
Just because you'll always be Miles ahead of me I don't see why I shouldn't try To catch up with you Cause in my mind a 1,000 times or more I've been there before There's nothing I can see That wil
Tahiti 80 - Easy Way Out
I call your name but you never answer You bend you head and run away If it's not true I wish it were Cos' we still talk but it's even worse You don't even dare to look into my eyes In the past we use
Tahiti 80 - Get Yourself Together
Here again, I know it's coming That same old feeling Those days when you feel like a child again Leave behind all your worries There's no time for that, no please The blue sky over my head Will get y
Tahiti 80 - Heartbeat
Enough for me is not much for you Won't you forgive me that's all I can do Can you feel my heartbeat When I'm close to you I'll never find another way to say I love you more each day It's quite roman
Tahiti 80 - Hey Joe
There are so many things to say about Joe First why did we let him go A star of second-hand record markets Sweet eyes with a bow tie and it's done Hey Joe!How can we know What you've been doing all t
Tahiti 80 - I S A A C
I return home with special food for my spirit My presence will pass into eternity We'll never be younger than today Tomorrow's yesterday, it's never too late You write your pretty songs Just to discov
Tahiti 80 - Made First (Never Forget)
I was sleeping in my own bed With three fairies above my head Contemplating the reason they were there Oh power is the law you find out as you grow But I've been waiting and waiting in vain And ther
Tahiti 80 - Mr Davies
Mr Davies lives in a big house In a town called L.A. He drinks champagne for breakfast In his swimming pool He has a sister named Victoria She lives somewhere in Australia To visit her he takes his p
Tahiti 80 - Open Book
You feel you have nothing to hide It's dazzling like a star, yet there is something inside Beautiful and dangerous like a rose Something telling you, you shouldn't get too close Don't try, Because (
Tahiti 80 - Puzzle
You spend your days on your own Thinking about troubles of your own You dream of the day You will accept your reflections all alone You're not the only one To feel that way you know I'm not the only
Tahiti 80 - Revolution 80
If you've found your hair's got longer Just go down to the hairdresser He'll fix your hair and he makes you wonder What you're gonna do for dinner Take the time to take a rest And don't be afraid to l
Tahiti 80 - Separate Ways
I feel it by my side It's been there for a while, now It could make things better There's still something out there That we never talk about It could make my life easier Make my life easier (Chorus)
Tahiti 80 - Soul Deep
There's something that I wanna keep inside my heart where feelings are soul deep things could get worse day after day, I know my dreams would never fade away. I know you've got soul but you're wasting
Tahiti 80 - Swimming Suit
It's gonna cause you sorrow It's gonna give you all you need Forget about tomorrow Don't dramatize the things you did It quickly flows to the sea So quickly you won't see So many things to face And
Tahiti 80 - The Other Side
The other side Would you like to go back Before it autumn ( black???) Remember the other side It’s hard to go against the tide Or walk if your step’s behind You can’t make up your tired mind C
Tahiti 80 - The Train
The heavy rain Feels like tears on her face Waiting for the train She's leaving for a new place Cause she and i Something wasn't right We were so uptight She had to say goodbye She's going to the c
Tahiti 80 - Things Are Made To Last Forever
When the sun shines bright You are looking alright But you get depressed When you see your life's a mess It moves me so when you are down I'm upside down sad as a clown The wind is blowing in your ha
Tahiti 80 - Wallpaper For The Soul
Wallpaper for the soul To keep away from the black hole In my heart there's plenty of room For everyone to kill the gloom Don't worry too much about what to say The words would have come anyway Fol
Tahiti 80 - When The Sun
When the sun appears in the sky When the moon slips away with the dark You've been awake of a long time Yes it's true You're not sleeping like so many others do Nightime isn't the shelter It's suppos
Tahiti 80 - Yellow Butterfly
Will you ever see me Like a possible lover again? I am fed up to be Your twin brother you're not my sister And everytime I think of that I want to... I wanna say to you I wanna talk to you When


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