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Tadpole - Alright
I can see it in your face Don't think that I don't recognize it, I was adored once too Soon you'll be bitter and old my dear We'll see about these feelings you have They'll be the death of you.
Tadpole - Backdoor
Now you're coming through the backdoor How did you get there Do I mind? That's a question for the asking How did you get there Do I mind? Will you linger a little longer While I wonder Watch m
Tadpole - Better Days
Sometimes I feel lonely and I crave human company I miss sleep it's nice, haven't had much of it 'round here Sometimes I feel sorrow and there's no way to release it It wells up inside, don't have no
Tadpole - Blind
I've got the strangest feeling that I've seen all this before It all looks so familiar as I'm walking to the door And I've got the weirdest feeling that I've walked this path before It's becoming more
Tadpole - For Me
I do not want to I do not need to I do not have to What I did I did for What I did I did for What I did I did for me I feel so lonely Cause no one loves me I feel so lonely Full of self-pit
Tadpole - Kindred
Save a dance for me, I'll take the card that's free You're my kindred, my kindred. Everything you'll ever need, I give to you for free, You're my kindred, my kindred. Now I bind you to me Now I
Tadpole - Music Box
Music box won't you sing me a lullaby I'll grind my ship upon your rocks, just keep singing that lullaby I've wanted nothing more than this Fingers blister from your kiss This impatience burns within,
Tadpole - No Man
You wear it like a skin This impatience burns within You've lit the fires well Time waits for no man You think you're getting in You've invested everything Your patience knows not how Time waits
Tadpole - Number One
You'd like to know you'd like to know you'd like to know you You'd like to say you like to say you like to say you You like to think you like to think you like to think you You'd like to know you'd lik
Tadpole - Set To Fade
I don't want deception, had enough of that before And I don't need protection, I'll find my own way around But thank you so much for your concern, You live, you breathe and I'll learn. Surrender the
Tadpole - White Horsie
In solitary devilment We find solace, but bring me hearts content With masochistic tendencies Put on my lipstick, Deliver me... Deliver me With predatory resonance Regularly begin this dark desc
Tadpole - You Know It
You know it, You know it And you like it that way You know it You know it. You follow her down Whenever she's around And you cling to the safety Of her shelter This house is not a home But yo


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