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Tad Morose - A Mended Rhyme
He sat there so idle just sat on the ground I watched as he mumbled but I heard no sound I dared not go closer I dared not at first but somehow I got there My son said the father I can not explain The
Tad Morose - Absent Illusion
Climbing on the stairs of life Through different phases I've been Recollections from the silent years To learn the facts of life and fool the perils of mind Then the voice of madness would lead me down
Tad Morose - Another Paradigm
Sitting here in my astral world Beyond horizons of the human sense Reached the dizzy state of mind but I don't recall when Forever lost in strange dimensions A final outpost of existence I've never ever
Tad Morose - Another Time Around
Don't tell me life is for the living The voices that I hear say it's not so I fear they just pretend to hold the answer... They tell me life's what we're given Then nevermore, but hey, you never know B
Tad Morose - Circuit Vision
They told me what I should do They gave me a way to get to you You never stood a chance The screen is never truly blank and I can't hide my mind Behind lie words that tear inside of me Their faces find
Tad Morose - Corporate Masters
So it came The first day of the new religion Saw the God with the cold eyes Only then did I realize we had sold out It's been a week now and I'm starting to fade Day after day I see this Idol Stand in
Tad Morose - Eyes Of A Stranger
When you wake up cold and lonely can't remember where you've been It's time to start believin' in a dream where there's no end So much pain deep down in your mind Is it real or is it just an illusion Can
Tad Morose - Eyes So Tired
Hear the rainbow calling and I will rise in you to see right through to be in you In the middle of a solitude Find the treasures archway and reach the secret stones to hold on to and make it through on
Tad Morose - Fading Pictures
I see myself standing beside my bed bad thoughts are going through my head over and over I think of the past one good memory came to me at last Every breath feels like a long long time fading pictures a
Tad Morose - Order Of The Seven Poles
Strange were the days that passed Unreal and unexplained I knew nought of their secret rites or of their hidden ways The servants child, the beaten prone the misfit and the slave They all believe, it ser
Tad Morose - Reflections
In the mirror I see myself A desperate man who's falling apart My own reflections cannot give me no answers I stare at the stars Out through my window I wonder will they all fall down So high above me
Tad Morose - The Dead And His Son
Mark my words, I won't care Never tread where angels dare Precious few shine like you Fewer still are aware of the dead and his son I don't know, where do I start So many thoughts, I wonder where we all
Tad Morose - The Dragon Tide
Watching the hills from the tower up north he sang, no he bellowed a song to the glory to the power of Karak Azul His heart now uneasy it would not be stilled A sickening stench an odour of greenskin l
Tad Morose - The Vacant Lot
Underneath lie barely seen and rarely touched All things untold Stone upon stone So foul, so cold A shadow of old Into the night Driven by what none can see Scarcely bound but hardly free A shadow of
Tad Morose - Trader Of Souls
Oh Merchant, yes merchant The trader of souls The bringer of darkness damnation and cold In secret betrayal with cunning and lies he steals you, deceives you There's fire in his eye A strange world of
Tad Morose - Undead
Empty shelves, hollow corridors A daunting smell, never felt before Compassion breaking down In time we lose ourselves, anyway A strange emotion fill the air The second seal, cracked up, unfair I force


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