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Taco - After Eight
After eight, a rendezvous with Kate She works late, I've had a hard day watching color TV After nine, I plan a tease, then dine Tonight I'll tell her the words she longs to hear Tonight I'll make it cl
Taco - Carmella
I found her in a dirty little cafe in an obscure part of Reno, sleeping in a corner Her features suggested further beauty, but the picture she presented just made me shiver I thought of the endless night
Taco - Cheek To Cheek
(Chichi con c-con con chichi chichi con c-con) (Chichi con c-con con chichi chichi con c-con) Heaven, I'm in heaven And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak And I seem to find the happiness I see
Taco - Encore (Sweet Gipsy Rose)
Every evening, eight o'clock, the curtain's up, the band begins to play The mayor's there, his lovely wife's been squeezed into the fashions of the day You make your entrance on time Decadent, thrilling
Taco - I Should Care
[some French stuff] I should care, I should go around weeping I should care, I should go without sleeping Strangely enough, I sleep well Except for a dream or two But then I count my sheep well Funn
Taco - Thanks A Million
(Play it again, Wern) Thanks a million, a million thanks to you For everything that love could bring, you brought me Each tender love word you happened to say Is hidden away In mem'ries, okay Thank
Taco - Tribute To Tino
He ruled the golden silent screen He haunted millions in their dreams His mem'ry lives on 'til today Some even say that he was lonely So listen to my story, here's some heavy news (Get a hold of this


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