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Tabula Rasa - Dead Air
Give me the reason I can't see ahead What's stopping me, who's stopping me? When is the next time my one chance will pass me by again? Repetition's killing me (like this city) I tried believing this wo
Tabula Rasa - How Old Are You
Here is the path I'm shown Step by step was not my choice One more year to go So this map has been cut short What's in this job that I've been learning? Who's satisfied? What happens when my cliff ha
Tabula Rasa - Jumping The Shark
Wait in line for another purpose to fall in place No conciliation in staying here alone Retrace back to a date when this all started And set us in our ways When minds were made and sides were taken for
Tabula Rasa - Just Guns And
It doesn't matter what we see, we're safe out here Continue to listen to what there saying Give the new place time, we're fenced in with all white We've got guns and we're praying all night Is your min
Tabula Rasa - Keith Song
This day is gone I'm starting over Without a path that's drawn Everyday I'm older Where is this dream I'm riding on? Is this the chance to make it closer? So many years to learn That this is far eno
Tabula Rasa - More Words Than Not
A constant mislabel of our spoken generation When did us children grow to feel so out of touch? Our sky's been exploding this we're watching on the TV The only chance of change is when we switch it off
Tabula Rasa - Nashville
Left so early for a reason Poetry digest from that night The place we slept was so deceiving Keep a switchblade by your side Better watch the steps we take Security Check our vans, let us escape this
Tabula Rasa - There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity
This is not the way out It's clear to you And speaks some truth So in the end I might know what to say A combination of Carelessness that's managed for years Will guarantee I've not seen the end O


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