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Skinlab - Anthem For A Fallen Star
I never felt like this before Today's the day that I'm spitting the venom My mother told me there'd be days like this but keep an open mind and keep your shit together Anger control And I'm living a g
Skinlab - Breathe
I'll give you just a little (3x) of my time yeah I'll give you just a little (3x) of my time Time, time, time, time, time, time What do you want from me? Just let me breathe a little What do you wan
Skinlab - Come Get It
So come and get it , come and get it, take it from me If you want it bad enough you'll try and find away So if you need it gotta take it take it from me I got it all, I got the cure for your disease So
Skinlab - Coward
Lies When I see your face I despise 28 years gone by Pictures to remind me, that you weren't there for me Cries See your face in my eyes Looking to your eyes Nothing to remind me, becouse you weren
Skinlab - Dissolve
It's not what they call you, it's what you answer to Just because I'm suffering through and through Yeah, I've been floating my whole life The only thing you've done to me Is partening us to make m
Skinlab - Excellerate
Would you like to see my flesh in pain? Cross the line stain my arms in flames Would you like to try and take the pain? Self indulgency Crossing the line Excellerate Building your tolerance and bear
Skinlab - Intro
Skinlab - Looks Can Be Deceiving
What you concieve What you believe Don't fool yourself Don't ever let it get the best of you Well, I saw I've seen it all I've seen it all, my friends I saw I've seen it all I've seen it all, my
Skinlab - Never Give In
I've been trying my whole life and I'll be damned if I turn back now How could I throw all this away? It's just to late to turnback now I've been down for all this time and I've only come this far So
Skinlab - No Sympathy (For The Devil)
The bloody rise of chaos Burn the home of jesus The bloody rise of chaos Burn down the school of christ Bloody rise of chaos Burn the home of jesus Bloody rise of chaos burn down church of christ T
Skinlab - Promised
Everything I have said to you You could not take away And everything I've done to you You let me seep beneath your skin But you try and you try to burn me Oh, let me black malice You'll see you
Skinlab - Purify
Purify through and through Justify what you've been through Cleansing hands two and two Wish I could save you from yourself To late to save you from yourself Wish I could purify you Wish I could save
Skinlab - Race Of Hate
Am I disabled to you? What's my dysfunction to you? Open your eyes and kill me World war inside of my head You feed this hatred burning inside me Yeah, I took her off them, a weight of life, oh
Skinlab - Scapegoat
They try to bring me down I'm tired of wearing this sorrowed frown Try to escape to myself Try to relate to you You try to bring me down (2x) Try to relate to you I'm not your fucking scapegoat You
Skinlab - Slave The Way
Everybody got their own opinions, right? Everybody got their own desicions, right? Everybody got their own ass on the line Everyone slave the way, pave the way, slave All the people scream! Everybody
Skinlab - Take As Needed
Take as needed only for pain I don't take it just to take away the pain I need it to help me get me through the day I bring it now I need it but I take as I need it only for pain I need it can't get


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